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DIY-Toilet Repair an Early Retirement Extreme Like Analysis


Many of the blogs that I read on a regular basis are DIY kind of guys and girls.  Mr. Money Mustache takes a vacation and works on fixing his grandmother’s roof, Early Retirement Extreme describes himself as — a combination…
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10% Rule and Real Life Car Stories


Wake up and smell the coffee, that’s what it feels like once you realize where your money is going, most people are shocked at how much they are spending on eating out, groceries, cable, shopping, cell phones, and all the…
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August Recap and Even Earlier Financial Independence


I hope everyone enjoyed some time off during the Labor Day weekend, most likely spent growing a beard and saving money. I didn’t entirely plan to do a recap of August, I planned to give everyone a quarterly update on…
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4 Things You Must Do to Retire Early


When I first started reading about early retirement I couldn’t stop.  Mr. Money Mustache who has become the Michael Jordan of early retirement,makes it sound easy because for him it was.  MMM had the DIY/Frugal/Save Money/Badassity pumping through his veins…
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