Even Steven Money

Reading Walden on Wheels and Nicaragua, Just Maybe


Lately I have been on a travel and adventure reading spree including  A Walk in the Woods, just finishing up Vagabonding which was recommended by Tim Ferriss, and Walden on Wheels, my personal favorite.(Amazon affiliate for each book, although I would rather…
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I Never Thought Criticism Would Make Me Smile


Just recently The Penny Hoarder Blog liked by almost 1 million people on Facebook, gave Even Steven Money an opportunity to have one of my posts shared on their Facebook page, I was excited about the chance since I’m certainly the little guy in…
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Life After Student Loan Debt, Help Me


As I am closing in on paying off my student loans ( I know you have heard it before, but I’m talking days this time), I get the excitement and financial worries that come along with deciding where my future investments…
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