A Look Back Into 2014

I would like to take this time and reflect a little about 2014.  I have enjoyed this year and being able to start Even Steven Money, a new position at work(end of 2013), pay off debt, vacation, and enjoy times with friends and family.  But I’m going to let my blog do the talking and take a look back into 2014.

I started the blog in April of 2014, describing the definition of Even Steven.  Currently in debt, but I have plans for financial independence shortly down the road.  When I was paying off a huge portion of debt, I was working on getting my budget right and planning my attack like Rognar Lothbrok, I just might like the show Vikings on the History channel.  While repaying debt is my major focus, my ultimate plan is to retire early, I do not want to work the next 12,000 days in a cubicle even if it is in my favorite city of Chicago.


Early into writing on the blog, I was able to be featured on Rockstar Finance which I was honored to be apart of and really gave me motivation to write more and tell my story.  I was even asked to do a guest post shortly after at CNA Finance, which made me feel like a thousand dollars, which since my post was about gambling, probably fit right in.  Birthdays come and go, but sharing my story about working for Michael Jordan was a fun moment for me, it gave me a chance to relive the moment all over again, I just might have a couple Jordan golf balls to remember it as well.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to hold myself accountable, I mean it’s fun to pay off debt and watbrickch the balance go down, but sharing with thousands of people that you paid off one of your student loans is a great feeling that’s hard to replicate.  Many times you are sharing with people who are in your same shoes with student loans or credit card debt and it becomes a support group of sorts or maybe you have become lost and need advice from the personal finance community who has been there and done that.  Maybe it’s about dividend or growth investing, real estate, or everything in between, all I can say is what a great and supportive group, sometimes I’m a little caffeinated and might throw together a rant or crazy sounding comment, but if we are all not challenging the norm we just become another brick in the wall like Pink Floyd so famously sang.

I’ve shared some of things that have worked for me like cutting out car debt, having an emergency fund that the “experts” would frown upon, and a healthy emergency fund.  I believe in the side hustle for anyone and everyone, maybe you have not found yours, but mine is selling on eBay.  I have given some of the history of where I started, where it took me to, and where I am today.  In my mind I thought that everyone would be asking me questions on how I do it and what they should do to make money, so far it has been quiet and I’m OK with quietly making money to help pay off my student loans, which I’m so close to paying off with my crazy “You can pay this off faster than Superman plan.”  I’m almost done with debt and was encouraged to share my Dear Debt letter, which I look forward to reading again when everyone has been kicked out.

I forgot to share my passion for writing online, financial independence.  I’ve crunched the numbers here and crunched them even faster here and it turns out I have a plan and a goal that I am excited to share and write about.  I talk about financial independence a good amount, it keeps me sharp and on task for the big picture goal.  For example maybe taking the train to work this morning doesn’t really make a difference today, but next time you see a car think of the 10% rule and how I’m sacrificing today for a tomorrow filled with choices.

Last but not least I have met or been apart of some great blogs and great people.  I was able to interview J. Money about what I should expect for Fincon 2015 when I will have the pleasure of meeting all of you crazy personal finance weirdos(maybe I’m just the crazy one).  Recently this has inspired me to create an Interview of Sorts with Frugalwoods and 1500 Days.  In both interviews I’m not sure who had more fun me or them, my guess is this guy!  I look forward to continuing the interview series in 2015.  I even had the pleasure of meeting Mr. 1500 Days over a craft beer and maybe even better pizza here in Chicago.  I look forward to the next meet up whether it’s in Chicago, saying hello to Warren Buffett, or Fincon15, I’ll be ready.  I could go on and on about people offering tips and suggestions or even just responding to an email, but a big Thank You to all of you.

In summary I have enjoyed a fun year in 2014 not only writing on the blog and sharing my journey and my story to financial independence, but great times with family and friends throughout the year and let me not forget my dog, Angel, your excitement that I have arrived home safe and sound brings a smile to my face, please repeat each day.  A BIG Special thanks to Mrs. Even Steven Money who I hope has enjoyed reading along the way, if I can make her laugh then it is officially a good post.  I hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas and looks forward to the new year as we learn new things, strive for greatness in our personal and financial lives, and smile and laugh with those around us, I hope this post does that as well.  A big Even Steven Money cheers to you all, thank you for being apart of my 2014.




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