Am I a Lazy Blogger? What Happened to Me….

When you first start a blog you have a million things to say and even a year later you have a million more, well at least I do.  I attended #FinCon15 and came out of the door guns blazing with focus and a plan.  The plan is still in effect, but for some reason recently I have fallen back into my old lazy self.  I find myself watching a ton of football, checking out my fantasy football roster and scoring(Undefeated), watching movies and my new found love for shows that involve time travel.  I have a pile of items sitting in my closet all ready to be listed for eBay, but I’m not terribly interested right now.  What happened to me?

My life didn’t get flipped turned upside down(name that show) and a bunch of crazy things happened that I’m dealing with.  In fact over the last 3 weekends I have enjoyed volunteering at the Spooky Zoo and seeing my family, a fall trip to Door County with some trail walking/hiking, and this past weekend a forest preserve walk/hike and some basketball, I’m 33, but my body is 63 so I’m in pain, just thought you should know.

I did not get busy at work, I’m not putting in extra hours each night that prevent me from going home and working on the blog.  A minor change is I am focusing on a promotion at work, so I have  been studying/learning on my train ride home instead of listening to personal finance podcast or reading a good money book.  I have been coming home as usual to walk the dog and do a little cooking, but the motivation to take the time with the blog has been less than normal.

I have been writing some, in fact, I have a 2,000 plus word post on 401 (k) and the company match all written it just needs to be revised.  I still think and read about money every single day.  I just made a payment to unofficially* pay off of the last of my personal debt, so I am full charging towards my financial independence date of May 2020.  I’m contributing more to my 401 (k), I increased my H.S.A. contribution for 2016 and still I sit with Mr. 1500 Days Interview as my last piece of work, pun intended.

So I ask you, the good people of Even Steven Money and the bloggers from near and far.  Am I missing some sort of motivation?  Did I mess up my habits by switching to weekly posts?  What’s wrong with me?  Please feel free to play doctor and tell me what’s wrong.


*It’s unofficial because the payment has not gone through and another back story that’s longer than this asterisk would like


40 Responses to “Am I a Lazy Blogger? What Happened to Me….

  • It happens, even things you love doing sometimes require a break.

    I have been even lazier than you as I post less often to begin with, but I have foudn myself writing multiple articles in one day (and deciding not to publish most of them) and other times just not able to edit a post that was 90% ready!
    Vawt recently posted…Amazon Prime- AgainMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      2 years ago

      Yeah it definitely has happened for me. Writing and not posting, I do it as well, sometimes it’s mind boggling to me.

  • First, Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

    Second, nothing is wrong with you. I believe that we each have a certain level of natural motivation for everything that we do in life. If you’re naturally motivated at something, you’ll find a way to keep doing it. For me, the gym and overall fitness is something that I take great pleasure in, and so I plan my day around it.

    Blogging is another one of those things that I thoroughly enjoy, so finding time to read blogs, write posts, maintain my Twitter presence and perform blog maintenance isn’t really an issue. I’m naturally motivated.

    You may not be as naturally motivated, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If blogging doesn’t bring you as much joy as other things, that’s fine. Continue doing those other things more than you blog.

    You don’t HAVE to blog, after all. Neither do I. I do it because I enjoy it. If you enjoy it enough, you’ll find time to do it.

    …my two sense. Change available if it wasn’t worth that! 🙂
    Steve @ Think Save Retire recently posted…I have maxed out my 401k and Roth IRA, so now what?My Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      2 years ago

      Well done sir, big fan of the Fresh Prince. Naturally motivated, sounds like an interesting take on things, but I think you are right. Sometimes I’m just naturally motivated with items related to sports and numbers. There are days I’d rather go through our budget than write a blog post. Keep the change good sir.

  • I think we all go through times like this where our blog falls off the radar for a bit. Even though we love to blog, it is a lot of work.
    Cat@BudgetBlonde recently posted…10 Financial Questions to Ask Before MarriageMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      2 years ago

      Exactly, I really love the blog it’s my own little real estate but it’s still a good amount of effort to put into it.

  • It happens with all bloggers, you just need to take a short break and re-focus.

    Blogging needs to be fun for you, if it’s not fun anymore, it will reflect in your writings.
    Tawcan recently posted…Dividend income – October 2015 updateMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      2 years ago

      The bad thing is I thought I did re-focus, I think I just changed direction is all. Good points.

  • That’s great that you’re focusing on a promotion at work! My motivation with blogging goes up and down from time to time. I can’t wait to take a break around the holidays and slow down.
    Chonce recently posted…October Online Income ReportMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      2 years ago

      Yeah I have a plan and I am learning as much as possible since it’s a little out of my natural progression for the next step in my line of business. I am with you, motivation goes up and down, hoping to see it rise soon:)

  • You don’t want it to become a chore. Write or post when you are feeling it, until then go enjoy those other things.

    • EvenStevenMoney
      2 years ago

      Thanks Brian, yeah enjoying this has been the plan all along, sometimes I get off track from just that in my head.

  • I don’t think you’re a lazy blogger at all! In my experience life is all about seasons. Sometimes we just need a break and that’s okay! I go through periods of hyper-activity and then it naturally scales back down again. Try not to worry too much about and listen to your body’s wisdom. Sometimes we all need some fantasy football in our lives (or in my case, binge watching of Parks and Rec 😉 ) Don’t beat yourself up!
    Taylor @ Freedom From Money recently posted…High Maintenance on a Budget: How to Get the Clothes You Want For $200 A YearMy Profile

  • I second Taylor. Everything has a season. It’s ebb and flow my friend.

    Just make sure when you are “ON” that you really take advantage of it. And when you are “OFF” enjoy the time away.

    When it comes to blogging I find myself writing only 7-8 days out of the month, but that is enough to get 7-8 new posts in the backlog.
    Dominic @ Gen Y Finance Guy recently posted…Freedom Fighter Interview #18 – Matt @ Your Roaring TwentiesMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      2 years ago

      Haha I swear I didn’t read your statement and wrote ebbs and flows, great minds I tell you. Yeah I think I need to turn it “Off” sometimes instead of just worrying that I’m not doing enough.

  • Dude… this is crazy talk! Don’t think for a second you’re being lazy. That’s the beauty of having your own blog. You can do what you want when you want to do it. There are really no rules. Write when you feel like writing, don’t when you don’t have anything to say. There are plenty of other bloggers who are mad successful only posting a few times a month, if that. Do what works for you. In my opinion, life and personal happiness come first. If writing on your blog isn’t one of those things – then it’s cool to let it chill for awhile. Don’t fret brother, we’ll still be here when you post! Also – we need to catch up soon, we haven’t talked since the Cubbies lost… Hit me up some time!
    Chris Muller recently posted…What is Dopamine-Induced Impulsive Purchasing (DIIP)?My Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      2 years ago

      Not lazy, got it. No rules, got it. I like how you think Mr. Money Mozart. Yeah Cubbies losing was a little rough especially after beating the 2 teams with the best record, but nice to see a playoff run with a bunch of college aged kids playing baseball, could be fun for the next few years. Also those are great shows I think I have seen like 80-90% of them, I like TV in small binges.

  • This happened to me before too. I told myself it was OK to quit the blog completely. Once I found peace with that and was ready to hit the big red Delete button, my motivation returned.
    Mr. 1500 recently posted…Ask the Readers: Portfolio Allocation and FlatulationMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      2 years ago

      Yeah I don’t want to quit or hit delete, just felt like I was being lazy and not putting in what Even Steven Money deserves!

  • We all have ups and downs, some times are busier than others and well, blogging takes time so some vacation or break can be helpful.

    But are you lazy? Hell no!
    I’d say that having a full-time job AND working on a promotion AND having a well maintained blog is the exact opposite of ‘lazy’.

    Slow down a little, you’ll come back with more energy.
    TheMoneyMine recently posted…4 Articles and 1 Podcast that made me smarter this monthMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      2 years ago

      Thanks Nick, sometimes putting a line like that out there really helps.

      I’d say that having a full-time job AND working on a promotion AND having a well maintained blog is the exact opposite of ‘lazy’.

  • Give yourself a bit of a break. Of course I should take the same advice. Over the past few months I have not wanted to engage in any new writing (which is part of my job), my research has suffered, I haven’t had a tenacity to do other things at work, I would rather watch bad TV, check my fantasy team (top scorer in this week’s league) and honestly just relax. I can’t. I have a lot of work to be done, but I don’t want to do it. I think you might just have fatigue. Like with a lot of people who do great on a marathon you can’t run forever. I mean you just paid off all of your personal debt. You probably want to take a bit of a break, even from finances. So don’t worry too much. It always comes back. Now if I could only take my own advice.
    Jason recently posted…Guest Post: Survey Information from College StudentsMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      2 years ago

      Yeah I need to step back for a few minutes and enjoy what’s going on, it doesn’t mean I need to hammer out 5 posts this week, it could mean I need to relax and enjoy the fall season. And yes take your own advice;)

  • When you switched from listeing to podcasts to studying for a promotion, you broke your blogging system. No big deal, just create a new system if you want, or wait until that big promotion comes through, and then get back to the old system.

    • EvenStevenMoney
      2 years ago

      I think you are on to something Hannah. My mind for that hour switches to thinking about work related items rather than personal finance and writing ideas that are usually motivated by that train ride. Today I think and create a new system, thanks.

  • Good luck getting that promotion!

    I’ll chime in to back up what others are saying — don’t beat yourself up about blogging at a slower pace for a while. I wrote another blog for several years before ONL and I went through cycles — sometimes I was super fired up and posted often, and sometimes it was a while between posts. This is supposed to be fun, so don’t do it if it feels purely like a chore. You’ll know when inspiration strikes.

    • EvenStevenMoney
      2 years ago

      I hope the inspiration hits very shortly as I really do enjoy blogging and talking with others online about money and it’s potential. Also is the other blog called Our Past Life? Sorry, had to ask;)

  • Sometimes you need a break, it’s OK to take one. In my previous blog, I wrote three articles a day from Mon-Thurs, then one on Friday. I did that for years, it was fun for so long until it wasn’t. It took me several years to get the energy to get back into writing so don’t burn yourself out. Don’t force yourself into a schedule, write when you have something interesting and exciting to say, and then don’t when you don’t.
    Jim Wang recently posted…What is your One Money Goal?My Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      2 years ago

      Thanks Jim, I don’t think it has been burn out as much as motivation. I do love the message of when I have something interesting to say to jump on and write rather than the scheduled theme.

  • Nah, I don’t think that makes you a lazy blogger. Everyone needs to take little breaks from things from times to times. You aren’t always going to have your mojo. The thing is not to burn yourself out so that you never come back. You can check out my previous two blogs to see how that works out 😛

    Speaking of lazy…I just updated my net worth statement for September…opps!
    Thias @It Pays Dividends recently posted…No One Cares More About Your Finances Than YouMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      2 years ago

      Seems like a few people have an old blog in their closet, where they learned a little bit more about themselves, pretty interesting. Well I hope September was a great month and you were busy just counting money!

  • Steve, no matter how lazy you might become, you’ll ever be able to surpass me. If you take out my net worth updates and savings goals updates, I’m “cranking out” about 2-4 posts a year. I aspire to your level of productivity! In the words of Homer Simpson, you work “like a Japanese beaver.”

  • You are only lazy if you feel lazy!

    I feel lazy all the time, which is why u look for rejection to give me a power up!

    Try it sometimes. Find someone who thinks you are unworthy!
    Sam recently posted…Tax-Deductible Job Hunting Expenses – Finding Work Is Expensive!My Profile

  • Blogging about financial lives seems to follow the ebbs and flows of all of life, not just the parts related to money. Glad to see you are back and have been enjoying your offline life!
    Claudia @ Two Cup House recently posted…A Most Epic Debate in Our Home: LaundryMy Profile

  • If your being lazy I don’t even want to know what people are calling me.

    I think it’s awesome you wrote this post. I have my moments too and then I want to write about it but never do… I think the fact that you wrote it shows your not being lazy.

    Good luck with the promotion and I hope you get your groove back. I’m still looking for mine.
    The Roamer recently posted…Surprise! Why me? Dealing with bad surprisesMy Profile

  • The fact that you even have a blog makes you far from lazy! I don’t even post on a regular basis- I just post whenever I feel I have something to say. Although I am trying to at least post weekly. I wasn’t even doing that consistently.

    Lazy can be open to interpretation- your lazy can be someone else’s busy.
    Karen recently posted…How To Stop Spending Money and Save For RetirementMy Profile

  • Like everyone else has said, lazy isn’t the word. I’ve also been lacking some blog motivation, but that’s OK. Just remember that the reason you write the blog is to chronicle your journey to FI. Thus, making progress on FI is the real metric of whether your are being lazy. As long as you are making FI progress, the blog stuff can come and go as you feel like it. Cheers!
    The Bearded Dragon recently posted…Expenses: October 2015My Profile

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