Are You Ready for Some Fantasy Football?

Are you ready for some football? You may hear this the next time you turn on your TV as the football season is upon us. This might mean absolutely nothing to you or more commonly it means the next 5 months worth of Sunday cooking chili, eating wings, and watching some good old American football. What this means for many ladies and gentlemen is the beginning of fantasy football. Fantasy football is the rare combination of being able to legally gamble, become a general manager, draft an NFL fantasy team, reunite with friends, and put your football knowledge to the test.

I myself really enjoy fantasy football and watching the NFL, so it’s not a surprise I have been playing fantasy football for a number of years.  I have 2 fantasy football teams, named “I Pitta the Fool! and “Ladies and Edelman” that I am participating in this year, did I mention you can come up with funny team names, maybe the best part!!!. These involve a payment to participate and a possible payout if you do well enough to win the league. I count this in my entertainment fund, I love being able to talk with friends and co-workers about how they did last week or how you are going to destroy them the next. It really has become the new poker craze, where everyone is involved in fantasy football even your friend’s Mom who can only name one NFL player, Lebron James plays football right?

The best part of fantasy football for me is the draft. This Wiki article gives a pretty good run down and history of fantasy football, I don’t want to go into an explanation of fantasy football because of all the intricacies and different types of fantasy football leagues, so I will let the article give you a run down. The draft allows you to select players that you think will score the highest points for the season, each team is given a random draft order and in most cases this snakes around in the draft order.  So in a 12 team league, pick #12 would then also get pick #13, while pick #1 next pick would be #24 and so on. This is where research and strategy come into play, this is the reason I enjoy the draft. Many people dream of being a general manager or owner of a professional sports team, this allows you to do exactly that on a much smaller level and definitely with less risk.

OK now that you know I like fantasy football let’s talk money. I participate with friends from all over the U.S and we all chip in $50 each. For all the fun filled 16 week fantasy football I can handle it costs me a little over $3 per week, which most people spend on their morning coffee. Of course that’s assuming I lose every dollar, but I actually have the opportunity to win. If I would win the entire league I would make over $260 in pure profit!!!!!! Remember while I’m not calling this a side hustle  by any means, but rather entertainment or a game of chance and luck, not too many movies or events give you the opportunity to make 5X your money having fun the whole time.

I’m not telling everyone to go sign-up for fantasy football so they can make some hard cash, but in reality there are over 33 million people who play fantasy football every year and I’m sure that number is growing. If you enjoy sports and watching the NFL you are probably involved in a fantasy football league, remember it is entertainment and for fun. The amount of money I spend on FF each year is small, probably a dinner out with Mrs. Even Steven. I recently wrote an article called 4 things you must do to retire early. I ask politely to stop spending f***ing money and you know what this violates one of the rules.  I asked to not spend money on stupid things, like big screen TV’s and putting your Happy meal on your credit card. This is a clear violation of those rules. I’m not spending thousands of dollars for a plasma 70 inch TV, but this is a once a year small amount of money that I have decided will not make or break my financial independence or my debt repayment. It’s one of those decisions that you make that you know is not 100% the right thing to do financially, but you have to have a mix so you can enjoy your life, whether it’s a vacation to Nicaragua or some good old fantasy football with friends.

Just for fun tell me who your favorite NFL team is? What are the things you spend money on that everyone thinks you’re crazy? Do you play any fantasy football or Survivor NFL picke’m leagues?


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14 Responses to “Are You Ready for Some Fantasy Football?

  • I’m ready for some football for sure! I haven’t really tried fantasy football because I just don’t know all the players that well and will probably have crappy picks. I also don’t like the fact that some of my friends root against their own team’s players so their fantasy picks get more points.

    Fantasy football does get you more involved and better informed about all the players, which is good. Some of my friends are experts on stats… me, not so much.
    Aldo@MDN recently posted…How Much Money Do I Need To Retire?My Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      There is so much information out on the internet it’s gotten so much easier to be informed. Sometimes it’s not just the stats and drafting players, it’s about having fun with your friends and making you a little more involved in watching football. Maybe next year I start a Personal Finance Bloggers Fantasy Football League?!

  • I used to be in a couple of fantasy football leagues…as well as basketball AND baseball. I’m only in one fantasy football league now but only to keep in touch with some old friends. I enjoy football but don’t really have the time to stalk the waiver lines to pick up the hot player of the week or to research sleeper picks. My team is the Giants…they’re not looking too great but they didn’t look all that great during the seasons they won the Superbowl either.
    Andrew@LivingRichCheaply recently posted…Are You a Sports Fanatic?My Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      It’s a great way to stay in touch with old friends, yes it can time consuming but I enjoy it. I might have to read your sports fanatic article to make sure I’m not a sports crazy. The G Men, oh boy, but I’m sure winning super bowls can be fun as a fan.

  • I wrote something very similar a few weeks back. I got told it was gambling… it’s not though. The entertainment hours per dollar is unrivaled! I’m in three leagues too so the amt spent is considerably more but I typically do fairly well! Ha!

    Jay @ recently posted…Explaining the Different Kinds of REITsMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Yeah I think I read that one, I had fantasy football on my list of things to write about and you motivated me to make sure I did. Hope I didn’t steal anything of yours, haha! I would check out my post on gambling what it boils down to is you make many gambling decisions in your life, sometimes they call them risk other times they call them gambling, either way some sort of chance is involved in both.

  • My group of friends have been playing fantasy football since 1988. A friend at church started playing in 1981 in the Minneapolis area. They are still playing. That is crazy early. I know there were people playing already in the late 70s.

    My team is the “Bionic Jedi”. Jedi are amazing, but they seem to be able to be killed far to easy. So make them “bionic”. Unstoppable.

    Other teams in our league. The Shockers, Raisin Sacks, Nutless Blind Squirrels, Da Crushers, Fighting Pike. A creative team name is very important.

    Alas, I was stomped in week #1. Hopefully week #2 goes better. If not, it could be a very long season.
    Wade recently posted…Pillars Of The EarthMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      I like the creative names behind the teams, Bionic Jedi, Nutless Blind Squirrels, with those team names losing week #1 doesn’t hurt as much.

  • I watch football but not religiously and haven’t played a single game of fantasy football although majority of friends do. The only time I do is deciding on who is going to win the Superbowl and the spread during a SuperBowl party. Spending money like this isn’t a waste because in all honesty it’s cost associated with having fun with people. Like you said skip the dinner and have 16 weeks of fantasy football.
    The Phroogal Jason recently posted…4 Ways to Beat Debt FatigueMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      I would encourage some fantasy football, it can be really fun and like you said it would be with your friends.

  • Being from Arizona, I have to say I like the Cardinals, and for the first time in years they are having a good season so far.

    I haven’t played Fantasy Football much either, but decided to join a league with my friends this year, and well it shows. Looks like I’ll get a win this week though.
    Adam recently posted…Great Deals on Element ShirtsMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Thanks Adam, yeah I have family in AZ, I think they will be solid this year, but you never know it’s a long season. FF is fun, even if you are yelling at the TV once in awhile.

  • Ha! Just found your article on google. I am obsessed with fantasy football and Im happy to see you are a fan also. You going to write any new articles on it this season?
    Alexander @ Cash Flow Diaries recently posted…DraftKings is my kryptonite! (NFL)My Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      2 years ago

      Sorry for the late response. Yeah I’m a pretty big fantasy football guy, I’m sure I will document an article or two on it. My friend is trying to get me into Draftkings, I know how addictive that all can be so I’m holding steady right now.

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