Ask the People: What Do Like? What Do You Loathe?

As I finish up a rather difficult week at work, I came to realize that I am quickly approaching my 1 year anniversary of writing a blog.  As I think out loud on WordPress paper, I get a good feeling inside.  It’s a great feeling to share my story and be held accountable by the personal finance community. I really appreciate those that stop by to see what I’m up to and leave a supporting comment, bring up their own challenges, or give some advice on my situation.  Thanks PF Community!!!

With all that being said I’m looking to improve Even Steven Money, while most of what I write is my journey, I’m looking to do more.  Just looking at the website what needs improving?  If this was yours what would you change?  I have a few things in mind, but it’s hard to be objective with your own masterpiece work, this can be anything from design, themes, where my information should go, what my information should be.  I am not a website designer, I am one of the reasons they make the simple plug and play themes and options, they are for me people.  What content information would you want to see, sometimes I get lost and forget about the past money issues and stories and concentrate on the now, like paying off student loans.  I really do want this to be more, I enjoy this so much.

As someone who is coach-able and loves feedback tell me all the good and bad things, seriously people I can take it, help me out speak the truth!


*Picture courtesy of my main man 1500days

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