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Welcome to Day 3 of #MoneySavingWeek at Even Steven Money. The first brought us a ride from Uber, and saved us $30 and scored a free ride with Uber, don’t worry it’s still not to late, Enter Promo Code VMR6N @ https://get.uber.com/sign-up/ and you can still receive the offer.  Yesterday we switched to Internet Only with Comcast, scored local TV, and HBO along the way, plus since we used our Share the Awesome, we scored a $25 prepaid gift card. This link  will walk you through how to sign up with my Refer-A-Friend code, don’t forget to use my code 1RCT5T when you are checking out to receive the prepaid Visa card.  Today is a New Savings Day let’s get right to it.

This week I am declaring the official #MoneySavingWeek for Even Steven, the entire week will be dedicated to companies I use to save money and in return I will provide an opportunity for you to save money as well, the great Win, Win that everyone is looking for.  Your New Year’s Resolution of saving money does not end on January 31st, in fact I hope to revitalize your goals and passion to save money.  My goal for you and I is to save money, learn about a company I personally use to save money, and have YOU try a new way to save money.  Let’s get started.


What is Digit?

Digit is a website that links to your bank account, they take a look at your income and your spending habits, then like a Boss they decide they can save you money and make the transfer from your bank account into your Digit account.  You can check the website or get updates via text to see how much you have saved.  If you are afraid don’t be, it really works.

Why Do I Use Digit?

  • First In.  The main reason I use Digit is I don’t go buy the new iPhone or try out the new electric bike, but I will certainly line up to be the first in line to save money.  My exact thoughts were so if this whole thing goes terribly wrong, what happens they put some extra money in a savings account for me?  I love the fact that this is a VIP refer a friend connect, it’s like all of the hard working people who want to save money have united and are sharing with you the velvet rope access to get into the Digit Savings Club.  I want to be first in, first one in to save.
  • Automatic Savings.  I run a pretty mean spreadsheet for my budget which was updated recently while working with Slowly Sipping Coffee, I have all sorts of projected numbers, actual numbers, and enough tabs to create a small army in case spreadsheet tabs ever go to war.  I was really thinking come on Digit I’m a personal finance blogger who watches their money like a Hawk, do you really think you are going to save me money?  I challenge you Digit.  Digit $114.23, Even Steven $0.00, in my defense I did recently switch to Bi-Weekly pay and received a bonus at work, but Digit clearly won here in just over a couple of weeks.


  • Recommended.  To be really honest I was on the fence about signing up for Digit and it scared me a little which led me to this blog post about being afraid to save money.  Then I researched the crap out of Digit and came back finding that Google Ventures put seed money behind Digit and CEO Ethan Bloch, I mean if it’s good enough for Google it probably fits the standard of Even Steven Money.  Lastly was the important push I needed, I received an email from J. Money asking me what I thought of Digit, now maybe he sent this to one thousand other people, but the fact that he thought highly enough of Digit to give it a run was all the recommendation I needed, I mean the guy was on Forbes, I’m still trying to convince Mrs. Even Steven to read my posts.

How Can Digit Save Me Money?

You know when someone loses weight one of the first question you ask them is how they lost the weight?  The usual response is I ate less and exercised more.  What if the answer instead was I didn’t do anything differently, but every time I went to eat a little person took little bits of food while I was eating, this way I ate less.  In a you had too much coffee to drink way that’s exactly what I think Digit does, they take little bits of money from your account every 2-3 days so that you save more!  It really is the new digital piggy bank, they take some of your dollars and put them in your account, when you think that piggy bank is full go ahead and empty it or leave it on your dresser while it grows and grows totally up to you.

Digit saves you money there is no getting around it.  My special refer a friend gift to you is the tried and true answer that Digit saved me money, I am the testimonial, I’m the guy in the late night commercial at 3 am that says “Thanks to Digit, I now own a Yacht off the Mediterranean”  OK maybe I’m not on that commercial yet, but whatever you decide to save money for Digit will help you get there.  I saved $114.23 in 2 weeks.  All you need do is follow this link* or click on any of the Digit pictures, sign up with your email and bank info, then every couple days you will get a text from Digit letting you know how much money you saved, it was really that simple.  I saved money and in celebration of #MoneySavingWeek I want you to save money as well.  Challenge your savings plan and sign up.


 I was able to have Ethan Bloch, the CEO of Digit answer a few of my questions as well to make your decision to sign up for Digit that much easier.

  • What happens if you transfer my money and my account overdrafts?
    If Digit ever causes an overdraft we’ll reimburse the fee.
  • Let’s say I have $500 all ready for Christmas shopping and boom Digit takes away my $500, what happens then?
    The maximum Digit would ever withdraw is $150. However that’s extremely rare. Average transfer is $23. Additionally if digit ever withdraws money you wind up wanting just text digit withdraw and the money will be back in your checking account next business day.
  •  I read that my Digit account is FDIC insured up to $250,000, is that true?
    Yes client funds are held in a custodial account that qualifies for FDIC pass through insurance. Up to at least 250,000.
  • Nerdy Bank Question Alert. I didn’t receive any disclosures when my Digit account opened, how does that work?  Also usually with savings accounts you are allowed a max of 6 withdrawal, how does that work with Digit?
    Your digit account isn’t actually a savings account so err are no withdraw limits. There are disclosures in the terms and conditions referenced during signup.
  • I not only live and breathe personal finance here at Even Steven Money, but I have a spreadsheet that tracks everything down to the penny, how in the Digit are you going to save me money?
    If you already save money digit will save even more.  Give it a shot let’s see!

If you have any questions or want to know anything about Digit please ask away in the comments, I’ll either answer them myself or see what I can do to have the CEO answer them, probably has more street cred than me with Digit!

*  The links above are affiliate links to Digit, meaning I’ll receive compensation if you end up signing up ($5).  If you don’t like Digit, don’t sign up 🙂 And if you do, you’ll also be able to refer a friend and get a bonus as well if interested.



10 Responses to “Digit Free Money Saving Tool #MoneySavingWeek

  • Haha…. glad you’re a fan of it so far my man. You’re Digit savings is already beating mine! I’m at $111.05 🙂

  • Nice challenge you got going there! I read all the stuff about Digit on J Money’s site. How did you end up getting free HBO?

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      It’s part of their package, I think they decided a number of people are cutting the cord and the best leverage they have is HBO so they include it in the Internet Plus Local channels package, if it’s in your area it’s worth a look.

  • Thanks for writing about Digit. Really happy to hear you’re enjoying the service so far!

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Thanks Ethan, it saved me an extra $114.23, what’s not to like about that!

  • From what I’ve read here and on other sites, Digit sounds like an awesome program! Thanks for sharing, Steven!
    Laurie @thefrugalfarmer recently posted…10 Things I Never Pay ForMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      I think it’s a great tool for saving for that something extra, maybe Christmas, a trip, an emergency fund, possibilities are endless. I’m still deciding what I am going to use it for, being a PF blogger I didn’t think they would find any money, but it feels great they did!

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