Digit Saving for Paying off Student Loans

About 2 months ago, I signed up for Digit Savings which is the easy way to save money without having to think about it.  I am proud to announce that after only 2 months of saving with Digit, I was able to save an additional almost $300 and apply it to my student loans, that’s on top of the big money I have been applying to my student loans.

$280.75 withdrawn on March 24, 2015

“Pay student loans”

With all the good things I have to say about Digit(if you sign up I can also get $5 for referring a friend), seriously people if anything you are helping me to end the student loan crisis in the Even Steven Money household;)

I do have one drawback that I noticed when I was bringing my account to extremely low balances.  What happened in 2 occasions was I would make a payment to my student loan via Edfinancial and then the next day the payment would apply to my account, when I looked this up online I realized Digit thought this money was just laying around, this payment did not have a pattern, so I was brought below zero, don’t worry I get alerts when my account is below $100 so I was able to catch it easily.  Another similar occurrence happened when I took out $20 from the ATM, only this occasion I had not looked at my account that day and did not realize Digit had decided to save me money, good news is I caught it before anything could happen.

The good news is even if they did cause overdrafts, Digit would have taken care of them anyways, but a word of caution, if you are making not so ordinary loan payments or withdrawals make sure to check your account, Digit might be trying to save you some money.  I feel like it has certainly been worth signing up for Digit, I have saved over $280 and without moving a muscle.  Thanks Digit.

Just remember if you are already great at saving money, why not let Digit help you save even more?


3 Responses to “Digit Saving for Paying off Student Loans

  • I get the intent of digit, but I don’t personally see the practical application in my own finances.

    For some people its an out of sight out of mind kind of thing and I get that. But for me it would just be an extra account that I would have to keep track of and it would have no influence on my spending.

    Part of it is because I keep a pretty large cash stash, so I don’t regularly check it to make sure I have enough before paying a bill or making a purchase. Additionally, I use a credit card to make all my purchases in order to take advantage of: reward points, extra protection, and only one payment to make at the end of the month. Don’t worry I pay it off every month 🙂

    That said, this might of been a good tool early on in my personal finance days when the cash was less abundant, and savings was that big of a priority.

    Do you think you would had spent the $300 if digit had not pulled the money out of your account?


    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      I certainly think Digit is a leap of faith for many people and I don’t think it is a need for everyone. I could see having a large chunk of cash like you have in the personal account a good reason to not use Digit since it would see this amount as not being used and move it over to Digit.

      That’s a great question Gen Y, I would like to think I would have taken every penny and applied it all to my student loans just like I did, but the reality of it says I probably would have used some of it for eating out or buying something small for myself. So end result is it really was good for me.

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