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When I first started my Financial Independence Day page which highlights some of the great bloggers around the internet seeking FI, I made an exception for Go Curry Cracker because he had already hit his FI date, but I added GCC because I loved his story and his willingness to share his life and travels as he does what so many of us write about as our “Why”. Currently, Go Curry Cracker stands at the top in the financial independence day page and I’m not sure I want that to change.

The interview today gives a small glimpse into Go Curry Cracker from how he got there with a large savings rate and not paying taxes………please read if you don’t like paying taxes and today is traveling the world with his wife and new born son. While Go Curry Cracker may say he is lazy, he took some time away from the hammock to share with us this interview, so thank you!


Who are you and tell me about your reason for setting a goal of FI?

Some years ago I was drinking adult beverages on a tropical island, and I liked it.  But thoughts of the office continued to interrupt an otherwise blissful holiday, so I decided the office had to go.

I returned home, sold the house, the car, and the motorcycle, moved into a small apartment near the office, and started biking to work. 10 years later after saving 70%+ of our income, my wife and I commenced upon a life of permanent travel.

Nowadays we write about our family’s lifestyle of financial and location independence on our blog, Go Curry Cracker!

Jeremy, Winnie, & Julian in a Chiang Mai garden

Jeremy, Winnie, & Julian in a Chiang Mai garden


Who got you started and who motivates you on your Financial Independence journey?

When we started our journey, there weren’t as many resources available.  We had to figure out most of our plan on our own, initially.  Eventually, we stumbled upon, which led us to meeting up with Billy & Akaisha Kaderli ( in Thailand and Doug Nordman ( in Hawaii.  Their examples and generosity with their knowledge and experience were a big boost.

What is your why?

I’m lazy.  Really really ridiculously lazy.

Do you have any debt?

We both graduated with student loans, and I’ve owned 2 houses with mortgages.  But we paid off the student loans and owning a house sucks (), so we sold the mortgage to somebody chasing the American Dream.

Now we prefer to be the bank.

What income streams do you have for FI and Early Retirement?

We sold a rental property with owner financing, so we will receive mortgage payments for another few years.  Sometimes these are even paid on time.

Otherwise, most of our income is from stock dividends. We’ve also become quite adept at converting our 401k and stock gains to tax free income.

Over the past year, our blog has accidentally earned some income as well.

What do you do in Early Retirement?  (Travel, special projects, part-time work)

As little as possible.

Our son is 8 months old now, and life revolves around his schedule.  He’s been to Japan already, and we are presently exploring Thailand together. We have some evolving plans that will take us through more of SE Asia and then Europe over the coming year, but experience says anything more than 3 months out is a guess.

Our current routine involves swimming in our roof-top infinity pool and exploring the restaurant scene in Chiang Mai.  And of course, story time is a big part of each day. Julian is a big fan of Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Between naps, preparing and enjoying meals, and quality family time, we even sometimes manage to accomplish something.  Usually, this only happens if we feel uniquely inspired, and we can put all of ourselves into a short-term project.

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Swimming with Dad!

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