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I enjoy reading many blogs today as part of my journey to Financial Independence, but very few make me laugh as often as 1500 Days.  I have had the pleasure to meet Mr. 1500 Days for a beer and pizza where the conversation led to personal finance, financial independence, and everything in between.  I consider Mr. 1500 Days a friend, a “good guy”, and a little crazy for carrying little dinosaurs around with him all the time.  With that great introduction, I give to you the evil bike villain below.


Who are you and tell me about your reason for setting a goal of FI?

I blog anonymously over at 1500 Days as “Mr. 1500.” Sounds a bit like a villain, doesn’t it? I don’t have any ambitions to take over the world or even rob a liquor store, so I don’t think I’m a bad person. I do like to call Even Steven by “Stevie” though, so perhaps I’m slightly evil.

Deciding to pursue FI took about 2 hours. I had a bad day at work and I googled something like. “How do I retire early?” Mr. Money Mustache popped up in the results and I clicked over. He explained with numbers and logic, that it was not necessary to work until I was old and grey. His wise words resonated with my engineer mind and I was hooked. I have been pursuing FI with wild abandon ever since. Please see this page for the long version.

Who got you started and who motivates you on your Financial Independence journey?

MMM got me started, but the personal finance community has been incredibly supportive and motivating. There are so many great people out there writing such great stuff. Mad Fientist and Jim Collins both do fantastic work. Morgan Housel and Michael Kitces are two more of my favorites.

I always tell readers and other bloggers that if it were up to me, we’d all live in the same town. How awesome would it be to live in Frugaltown USA?

What or Who is your Why?

Options baby, options. I’m not talking about the stock market variety, but the ones in life. I want to be able to live life on my own terms. If I perform a service for money (you may know this as job), it should be because I want to, not because I have to.

What I’ve come to realize is that my dreams are bigger than my time. If I work 50 hours per week for the next 25 years, I’m not going to be able to travel, build, read, exercise and play with the children nearly as much as I want to. Work just gets in the way.


Do you have any debt?  If so do you have a plan to pay this off before FI?

I have a mortgage of about $120,000 (12 years left at 3.25%). That is such an obscenely low rate, especially in the context of history, that  I won’t throw as much as an extra penny getting it paid down. I’d much rather use extra money to invest or pursue business ventures. I love you 3.25% mortgage.

What planned income streams are you working on towards FI and Early Retirement?

At this time, absolutely none. I firmly believe in the 4% rule, so I’ll sell investments every year for money. I’ll keep some cash in the account too, so when the markets take a dump, I don’t have to sell low.

There is a chance I’ll buy a rental property, but I have yet to find one where the numbers work.

What are your plans during early retirement?  (Travel, special projects, part-time work)

Read, play with the kids, bike, read more, build stuff in the garage, learn to weld, write code that I want to write, write words on the blog, travel to Washington DC to teach my children some history, build an electric bicycle, read even more, travel to the Pacific Northwest and watch Orcas in the ocean, learn to be a better photographer, did I mention reading?, learn woodworking, travel to Vermont for FrugalWoodStock, do 100 push-ups in a row, learn a new programming language, spend more time with extended family…

I could go on forever, but since my life won’t, I’ll retire early.




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27 Responses to “Financial Independence Interview-1500 Days

  • Hey Steven, thanks so much for having me today!

    “I consider Mr. 1500 Days a friend, a “good guy”, and a little crazy for carrying little dinosaurs around with him all the time.”

    Your just jealous of my dinosaurs. Don’t deny it; I’ve seen the way you look at them.

    • EvenStevenMoney
      2 years ago

      Happy to have you sir. You got me on the dinosaurs just pure jealousy.

  • Got to meet Mr. and Mrs. 1500 back in Sept. at FinCon. Really great people. When I was traveling home I realized, damn I just had lunch with a couple millionaires. Not everyday you can say that, and hang with really down to earth, fun people. Looking forward to seeing where their FI journey takes them. Steven and the Dinosaurs are pretty cool too.
    Brian @DebtDiscipline recently posted…Interview Series: Settle Your FinancesMy Profile

  • Would love to meet Mr. & Mrs. 1500 one of these days. Love their sarcasm.
    Tawcan recently posted…Weekend Reading – Spooky editionMy Profile

  • Aww, yeah! You know how much I dig 1500’s stuff – one of the best out there for sure. And I’m also liking the fact that you, like us, aren’t depending on additional sources of income after retirement. While it’s true that we’ll probably accidentally make a buck or two here or there, it’s awesome not to actually PLAN on it happening.

    Nice interview, always interesting to read what other financial bad asses are doing with their money and life.

    And by the way, Cheetos.
    Steve @ Think Save Retire recently posted…The Friday Feast ~ the 30th of OctoberMy Profile

    • Ha, thanks Steve! And you’re not so bad yourself!

      “And I’m also liking the fact that you, like us, aren’t depending on additional sources of income after retirement. While it’s true that we’ll probably accidentally make a buck or two here or there,”

      I’ve never cared about income. Dividend stocks don’t move me. Real estate does, but only if the numbers are just right. Growth, baby growth.

      One thought I had the other day is that we’re all smart. No matter how hard we try not to make money, I’ll bet we all will have income from something.

  • This is predictably awesome! Thank you for another peek at hilarity in the 1500 household. I feel left out that everyone else has gotten to hang with Stevie and Mr. 1500! Coming to Alaska anytime soon, you two?
    Maggie @ Northern Expenditure recently posted…The Magic of Holidays: TraditionsMy Profile

    • Thanks Maggie! If you ever make it down to the lower 48, stop over! The 1500 household is all fart jokes and well, more fart jokes.

      Lots af actual farts from the 5 year old too. That part isn’t so funny.

  • I certainly do love this blog. I hope to meet the 1500s and Even Steven someday if nothing else to have beer and see the dinosaurs. 🙂
    Jason recently posted…Rising Prices, Looming Mortgage Disasters Contribute to UK Housing CrisisMy Profile

    • Thanks Jason! Next time you’re in Colorado, stop on by! Well, you may not want to if you’ve read my previous comment. Don’t do it! I know you will now since I said that.

  • Lucky me! I got to meet Mr AND Mrs last week! They were “all that”. 🙂

    • Awwww Amy, thanks!

      I feel like we all barely scratched the surface. I hope we get to chat again soon. Happy travels!

  • Great to hear a little behinds the scenes of the 1500s, I love how it was precipitated by a bad day at work… I bet that happens a lot!

  • Thanks for the mention!

    As a quick FYI though, the hyperlink on my name is going out to a photojournalist’s blog also called Nerd’s Eye View. But mine is at 🙂

    Glad to hear the material has been helpful!
    – Michael

  • I definitely applaud your not paying down the mortgage. I’m the same way right now with my 3% student loans. I could cut a check and pay them off today, but why? But I can’t deny how annoying it gets to look at when I look at my Personal Capital account. Great interview ESM and Mr. 1500.
    Fervent Finance recently posted…Moved to Manhattan to Make More, Save More, and Speed Up FIMy Profile

  • Thank you for the entertaining read. 🙂 Always love reading you guys, and it’s nice to see you here at “Stevie’s” place. While we may have slightly different takes on some of the particulars (like prepaying our mortgage to maximize our Obamacare subsidy post-retirement), we’re definitely on the same page as you guys about not wanting to need any other income ever after we quit.

  • Mr. 1500 is just too funny (I think his dinosaurs are a bit freaked out by him though).
    Steve Miller recently posted…How to Accomplish More (Dream Big Baby!)My Profile

  • I can totally relate to Mr. 1500 as I LOVE my 3.5% mortgage. Locked in for another 27 years and not planning on putting a single penny extra towards it.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…6 Ways to Simplify Holiday ShoppingMy Profile

  • Great interview.

    Reallly looks and sounds fun there and it does look like 1500 is bullying you. Just kidding.

    Keep the series up 😉
    B recently posted…Where Market Valuation Is At Right Now – Nov 15?My Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      2 years ago

      1500 Days a bully, haha can a guy taking pictures of little dinosaurs really be a bully?

  • Love 1500 days and although not a big commentor on his site, I’m reading through the archives.. It’s great how he’s cheeky as well calling you Stevie (how does that make you feel Steven?) haha
    Must say I’m sure a lot of us started of with MMM and it’s great to read someone who’s following in his footsteps, thanks for sharing ESM :)!

    • EvenStevenMoney
      11 months ago

      1500 days is pretty entertaining, he’s honest and funny. I don’t think he would ever intentionally steer you the wrong way.

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