Financial Independence Interview-FI Big Sky

Who are you and tell me about your reason for setting a goal of FI?

We’re Mr. and Mrs. FI (short for Financial Independence), a couple who lives in Montana (also known as Big Sky Country) with their super cute pup, Russell. We’ve set out on a path towards financial independence in hopes to start living our lives for ourselves and not our jobs.  We want to someday wake up in the morning and work on things that matter to us like our home and community, as well as have time to spend with each other, our furry child (Russell) and our future (hopefully less furry) children. Our Financial Independence Day will come in the year 2025, unless we somehow get there sooner!

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Meet Mr. and Mrs. FI Big Sky and of course Russell


Who got you started and who motivates you on your Financial Independence journey?

A few years back, Mr. FI was searching on the world wide web for investing advice. He stumbled upon a blog called Brave New Life which led him to Mr. Money Mustache and many other bloggers in the FIRE blogosphere–he was hooked. Then, with the excitement of a little kid on Christmas, he began selling me on the idea of why we should start a journey of our own and pursue financial freedom by means of saving and purposeful living. And let me tell you, when Mr. FI finds something he’s interested in he applies both his knack of researching and his laser-like focus to that topic for the foreseeable future until he feels he’s exhausted his efforts and learned all he needs to know to jump in with both feet. This also means I get to hear about whatever “it” is for the days weeks months he’s researching said topic. Long story short, it was Mr. FI who started us down this path of Financial Independence. After months of discussion and trial and error, we both continue to motivate the other daily on our journey to freedom from our jobs.

What or Who is your Why?

Beyond the obvious answers of saying each other is our “who” and having more time doing the things we love as our “why,” we don’t really have any other current who’s or why’s to retire for. There are, however, the just-in-case future people and scenarios that we hope will benefit from our currently “selfish” endeavors. These include the possibility of having kids, our parents needing more help/care in their old age, being able to have the time to volunteer more in the form of mission trips or something locally, etc. Honestly, there will always be who’s and why’s, so we don’t really put much thought into this on a daily basis.

 Do you have any debt?  If so do you have a plan to pay this off before FI?

We have a mortgage and what’s left our car lease (which is soon to be over, thank goodness) and that’s all. Luckily we were both able to get out of college with very little debt and have tried to live below our means even before starting this journey. We do plan to have all of our mortgage paid off by the time we reach FI.

What planned income streams are you working on towards FI and Early Retirement?

Right now we plan to live off of our investments. We plan to continue investing and maybe dabbling in real estate in some capacity. We also do peer to peer lending through Prosper.

What are your plans during early retirement?  (Travel, special projects, part-time work)

We both love to travel, get outside, spend time with family and friends, etc. This, along with a list of other things, is what we hope to have more time for when we reach our goal of early retirement. We don’t plan to work, even part time, once we hit our ER goal. However, if it happens that we want to (or even need to) work at that time, both of us are willing to do so. We realize that even though we’re going to much greater lengths to plan our future than a lot of people we know, it’s impossible to know how it will all turn out.

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13 Responses to “Financial Independence Interview-FI Big Sky

  • Awesome to learn more about you guys as we are on very similar paths and trajectories. Russell looking good as always.
    Fervent Finance recently posted…The Golden HandcuffsMy Profile

    • Thanks for reading – we’re happy to share! Also, Russell thanks you for your kind comment and appreciates that his modeling for our blog is not going unnoticed 😉
      Mrs. FI recently posted…Fun In AugustMy Profile

  • It’s good hearing about other bloggers and their backstories. Pretty similar to ours, with the how you came across FIRE.
    Mr. SSC recently posted…This is how we do it: Estimating our FIRE budgetMy Profile

    • I think it’s pretty hard not to be directed to MMM or those around him who paved the way on this subject. So it’s not surprising to hear so many people have similar stories to ours on how they got started. What we love now that we’re on our own path towards FIRE is discovering and learning about other bloggers like you, and how you plan to reach your own definition of independence. Thanks for commenting and we’re glad you enjoyed our story!
      Mrs. FI recently posted…Fun In AugustMy Profile

  • It’s pretty amazing how many people got started down their path because of Jacob at ERE, MMM, Brave New Life, etc. It’s always nice to get a backstory on other bloggers.
    The Bearded Dragon recently posted…Congratulations! You’re Pre-Approved!My Profile

    • Those “Pioneers of Finance” you mentioned did a great job of showing how financial independence is possible. I’d say it’s amazing, but not surprising, how many people read their content and then decided to pursue their own paths. So glad you enjoyed our backstory and we agree, it’s always nice to hear others’ stories as well! Thanks for commenting!
      Mrs. FI recently posted…Fun In AugustMy Profile

  • Wow that’s pretty cool, i think its great that bloggers are inspiring people to be more mindful about their finances and debt issues.

    • Hi Mike! It IS cool. And it’s so easy to be inspired by these other bloggers. We’re lucky to have stumbled upon such a diverse and supportive community of like-minded individuals. It’s certainly a big part of what’s keeping us going on our path towards FI! Thanks for commenting!
      Mrs. FI recently posted…Fun In AugustMy Profile

  • Very cool! I love Montana! I was there for the first time a few months ago and absolutely fell in love with it!
    Sylvia @ Miss PF recently posted…Five for Friday (#5)My Profile

  • Hello Sylvia! So glad you were able to visit our state and that you loved it! It’s certainly a sight to behold. 🙂 Thanks for commenting and promoting the Big Sky State!
    Mrs. FI recently posted…Fun In AugustMy Profile

  • So, just sayin’… you guys seem super fun. Your tone is always so upbeat and positive, and even when you’re having a super frustrating time renovating your kitchen, you still seem especially likable. 🙂

    It’s pretty amazing how many of us have been helped by MMM and the early vanguard of FIRE bloggers. We always knew we wanted to retire early, but we didn’t know what that meant, or how to shape our finances appropriately. Like you guys, finding MMM helped us start to envision what it all could look like, and that we could get there faster than we’d previously thought. I bet you guys will get there way before 2025. 🙂
    Our Next Life recently posted…When Did We Become Grown-Ups? // Embracing Our AdultnessMy Profile

  • Why, that’s just about the nicest thing we’ve heard yet – thanks so much, ONL! You guys seem pretty fun yourselves. If we retire before 2025 we’ll throw a party and invite you so we can have fun together 😉 Thanks for commenting and for the lovely compliment!
    Mrs. FI recently posted…An Interview Or Two.My Profile

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