Financial Independence Motivation-1 Year Anniversary

Many of the blogs I read are about Financial Independence, much of the reasoning behind my hopes, dreams, and motivation are because of those writing about their journey to financial freedom, and some have even got off their bicycle and declared financial independence.  There are times I might get down and out about reaching FI, thoughts race through my head that sound like this:

  • I’m not saving enough, I’m a Spendy Pants
  • My plan is stupid, everyone talks about investing to reach FI, how come I’m going with Real Estate
  • Do you have any idea how far 2020 is………..FOREVER that’s how far
  • Like 3 people have ever gotten to FI and they are on the internet, great I’m Fudged

I really do have these thoughts, but then I go out and come across some great people who encourage, motivate, and simply share their story.  I know many of us started with Mr. Money Mustache as our FI Moses leading us into the Promised Land or maybe Early Retirement Extreme got to you first parting the waters of your own financial sea, but I have good news there is so many more of us out there.  Today I want to share a few more that have inspired me, that have done something to my motivation and my psyche that get me off my a$$ and tightens up my budget, pay off $20 more on a student loan, list 10 more items on eBay to bring home the side hustle income, or put quite simply makes me believe it is possible.

Go Curry Cracker-Recently I was in a small funk, since I realized I was going to come up short on my goal of paying off my student loans.  Right about then Go Curry Cracker had every publication and online article featuring him from Budgets are Sexy, Forbes, Yahoo, I think even Warren Buffett published something, just kidding.  But seriously if you don’t read his story and get motivated to be FI, you are running down the wrong path.  I hope to interview him one day, of course when all the big time media get off his back and he’s got a few extra minutes for Even Steven Money.

1500 Days-One of my favorite bloggers in the world and I read 3,453 blogs a day!  Just kidding I have no idea how many I read, but either way if you are looking for someone to put you into a reality check with a little humor on the side, I recommend reading.  The Awakening, well it woke me up and got me going, in many ways I think if 1500 Days didn’t exist neither would Even Steven Money.

Frugalwoods-You know that guy or gal that is just ripped, you know muscles from head to toe, they tell you that they exercise all the time because they love it, eat healthy because it’s the best tasting, plan on finishing an Ironman because they need a challenge.  The first time you meet this person you think he/she is bat$hit crazy, like come on nobody does that.  Then you decide to take a few tips from them, just small stuff you know eating a salad instead of potato chips and you realize it’s not that bad.  This is the Frugalwoods to me and I love them.  I read some of what they write and think that’s malarkey, crazy Amish style no electricity type of stuff, riding their bikes from New York to Boston! Then again it’s cool to go against the grain, at least I think so.

Slowly Sipping Coffee-I enjoy reading this new kid on the block, I mean NKOB, no they are called New Kids on the Block again, OK whatever my blog is like one summer older than SSC.  I think what I like about them is the common goal we share of Financial Independence and the common love of spreadsheets!  Maybe I like their blog because I like coffee, maybe I like it because I see someone else out there who wants to get out and get moving somewhere else,   Away from the busy and the hectic and closer to the freedom of choices.

Think Retire Save-I see so much of myself in Steve, including the name. He’s my age and wants to retire in 2020 with 1 million dollars, while my goal is not to have a specific dollar amount, we both realize that we can get there, just by putting our foot to the bicycle or motorcycle in his case, extra hard.  He might beat me there he might not, but I look forward to the challenge.

Gen Y Finance Guy-I like big goals and I cannot lie, you other brothers can’t deny, well I won’t continue with my Weird Al version of Sir Mix Alot!  He’s looking for a goal of 10 million dollars net worth in 20 years, he might be the opposite of the Frugalwoods, spending money on eating out, but don’t let that get in the way of liking his plan, frugal is sexy, but so is a 10 million dollar net worth.

Once again there are so many great Financial Independence Blogs out there, sharing their own journey.  Some might be paying off debt, some trying to find a way to increase their income, while others have their plan in place and just enjoying the journey as they accelerate to the final destination.  With all that being said I want to thank those that have motivated me in my first year of writing this blog, the amount of money I have made has gone up, the amount of debt paid back has increased, my investments have gone higher, and everything I have done on Even Steven Money I am proud to call my own. Thank you for reading and thank you for stopping by.

I do have a favor to ask each and every one of you:

In celebration of my one year anniversary I am dedicating a new page on Even Steven Money to all of the FI bloggers out there, it will be called Financial Independence Day.  It is my hope that we will create a small community that holds each other accountable.  My plan is to have a running list of everyone’s financial independence day, so stop on over to check out the page and add your financial independence day.
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25 Responses to “Financial Independence Motivation-1 Year Anniversary

  • I think everyone has these kinds of thoughts – but what separates the successful from the not so successful are how they power through it instead of quitting. It is like dieting and working out…you hate yourself for a bit if you scarf down a whole pizza with your 12-pack and skip the gym for a week – but it is ok as long as you waddle back up and don’t let it destroy your motivation.

    I like the fact that you are heading to FI through real estate. Being a landlord and owning rental properties is something that sounds like a huge commitment/risk for someone like me, it is awesome to get some of the inside baseball to show that it really isn’t the scary monster that I have it built up in my head to be.

    Congrats on making it a year and happy blog cake day! Cant wait to see what you have in store for this year.
    Debtless in Texas recently posted…Springtime SavingsMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Like you said it’s important to get back up an power through that’s what makes you successful. I certainly think real estate has it’s ups and downs, but I think so does the stock market, if it’s hard work that usually means it’s worth it. Thanks for the the congrats!

  • Hey Even-

    Thanks so much for the kind should out, that made my evening!

    You are killing it, no need to worry. There is absolutely no reason why real estate can’t be your main (or even sole) strategy. I know that you’ll be just fine.

    I’m looking forward to chatting in person again in a couple weeks. Hopefully over a good beer or two.
    Mr. 1500 recently posted…Thursday Rant: Wearing a dress and singing operaMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Glad I could add a little something to your day. Yeah I’m looking forward to the same, also just made a reminder to go make a purchase on Tuesday, let’s hope I can time the shipment and get us a couple:)

  • Thanks for the mention, definitely appreciate it. I think we’re both very much on our way towards achieving our goals of financial independence and early retirement. Some real nice blogs out there.
    Steve Adcock recently posted…The Friday Feast ~ The 10th of AprilMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      I think when it all comes down to it, we are just trying to stay on the path of FI, a little motivation and some kind words go a long way.

  • Hey Even Steven,

    Congrats on your one year anniversary, feels like you’re much more of a veteran blogger than only one year! You’re setting an awesome example with such a short FI target date, and I look forward to seeing Even Steven Money added to the list of Financially Independent bloggers that inspires other new bloggers starting out on their journey!

    Keep the great momentum up and look forward to many more years blogging along side you!


    Jason @ Islands of Investing recently posted…That liberating feeling of selling your bad investmentsMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Very kind words indeed sir. Short FI target date, 2020 seems so far away! LOL. I look forward to the journey as well and blogging also.

  • Thanks for the mention Even Steven!

    I enjoy reading everyone on the list as well. It is funny how small the community actually is and how supportive everyone is.

    I look forward to following your journey and learning a few things about being a landlord 🙂

    Gen Y Finance Guy recently posted…The First 6 Months of Blogging – By The NumbersMy Profile

  • Congrats on staying in the game for a year and to your continued success. I’m not much of an FI enthusiast myself, but I am a big fan of 1500 Days and Frugal Woods. Both mix humor and honesty into their writing, which makes me feel it isn’t the snake oil some FI blogs are peddling. I’ll have to check out the other ones you’ve mentioned. Plus, I’ve met both in person, which is probably why i trust them.
    Broke Millennial recently posted…Why Owing Uncle Sam Made Me SmileMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Thanks Broke Millennial, I plan on keeping it up. Yeah I’ve had really positive experiences with both of them and I enjoy their writings as well.

  • Congrats on your 1 year anniversary. Big fan of these blogs that you mentioned already. I’ll have to do some more calculation to determine our estimated FID. 🙂

    2020 is pretty close considering it’s only 5 years away.
    Tawcan recently posted…Dividend Income – March 2015 UpdateMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Yeah let’s see that FI Day, I added a spreadsheet links from Budgets are Sexy if you need some help:)

  • Congrats on your one year anniversary! I recently started my website, so I admire your dedication. I know what you mean about having doubts–I have those same ones you listed, especially with respect to spending. Hope to continue to watch you move closer to your goals!
    The Professor recently posted…Asset Classes Available to InvestorsMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Hey that’s great I’m a big believer in starting a personal finance website it has done wonders for me and for my accountability. I read people who motivate, inspire, and teach me every day. Best of luck on the journey or should I say course;)

  • Congratulations on your blogoversary. I certainly have these thoughts, but I think something that Mr. 1500 said today was appropriate when quoting another blogger (and I am paraphrasing) don’t let your tomorrows dominate what could be great todays. Perspective I need to keep in mind.
    Jason recently posted…Reflecting on What I HaveMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Thanks for the congrats. I’ll match that quote with a “Today is important, but the future is tomorrow”. Once you get to a point where you are on the highway setting to cruise control, I agree make sure to check out the scenery on the way there.

  • Congrats on the one year anniversary! 2020 is a ways away, and I admire anyone who strives to achieve FI
    Dan @ Our Big Fat Wallet recently posted…How a TFSA Limit Increase Affects Our FinancesMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Thanks Dan, yeah 2020 is a little bit of a trip, but if it were easy everyone would do it right!

  • Congratulations for reaching the 1 year mark, this is awesome!
    I think we all get a little down at some point as none of the stuff we need to do is easy, but that’s the point and we’re super pumped again.

    Btw I LOVE the idea of the Financial Independence Day page, this is brilliant!
    If you’ll excuse me, going there right away…
    Nick recently posted…Is Berkshire Hathaway an index fund?My Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Thank you sir and yes You are excused! Glad you love the idea, i’m pumped about the response so far as well.

  • Happy anniversary! Congrats! And, I’m honored to be on your list :). Just so people know, we do in fact use electricity and we haven’t actually ridden our bikes from Boston to NYC (although that would be pretty cool… ). Take care and hang in there, you’re on the path and you’re going to make it!
    Mrs. Frugalwoods recently posted…401ks Are Your Friend: Demystifying Personal Finance Part 3My Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Thanks Mrs. FW. Real Facts, Frugal Hound has to run 20 miles a day to keep the electricity going in the home, animal power generator. OK maybe you haven’t ridden from Boston to NYC on the bikes, but yeah you definitely should.

  • Thanks for sharing Steve and these are some great bloggers! You’re probably making a heck of progress and not necessarily seeing it due to the slight edge 😉

    Keep on keeping on and a great blog I like to read although he doesn’t post that regularly is

    I’ve still got to send you my FI date as well haha

    Cheers buddy!

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