Getting Your Mind Right Blogger or Freelance Part II

Last week my mind was not in a good place.  I would even say I felt a little depressed on Tuesday, the post that I wrote on Thursday was written only after I attempted to put my thoughts on paper days before.  Mostly I was asking myself questions, questions that I did not know the answer too and I would also say a lot of incoherent thoughts as well.  Then something happened, getting my mind right started to happen.  I received countless comments, emails, and words of support from the personal finance community.  Some individuals felt the exact same way as me, some brought up personal examples, some gave advice, and some even challenged me.  So a big thanks to all of you.


  • I need to update my definition of success, when it comes to blogging. My new definition of success the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.  My definition does not involve popularity or profit, however I will need to define my purpose more in the coming months.
  • Blogging is different than Freelancing.  The only thing that is the same is that you are writing words to be published.  Do not forget this; if your sole mission is to make money, Freelancing is the way to go.  My sole mission is not to make money.
  • The less you think about the money, and the more you think about community, the greater you’ll grow.  It’s not about the money, if you make it about the money, it won’t work.

What’s Next

  • Develop a game plan.  If it’s one thing I have taken from some of the seasoned and well-known bloggers it’s to have a game plan.  Get your mind right and get your game plan right, its coming.
  • 80/20.  One thing that I have read and been told more recently it’s that 80% of growing your blog is getting yourself out there, while the other 20% is your writing.  I have had these reversed for quite some time and in my head I expected a blog post to get grabbed by Yahoo or Business Insider or the Chicago Tribune and just blow up from there.  80/20.
  • Enjoy the Journey.  I have come along so far financially it’s almost unbelievable.  Less than 5 years ago, I was unemployed, driving a Mercedes Benz, with over 100K in debt, which would have put me almost dead last on the RockStar Finance Net Worth list, now today I’m closing in on my very own Financial Independence Day.  I owe all of my success to everyone around me, without my wife and the personal finance community holding me accountable and providing inspiration, I wouldn’t be where I am today…..enjoy the journey


The truth is I will be blogging for quite some time, I enjoy writing and sharing my journey, helping others with money, being held accountable by the PF community, and if it turns into something bigger or brings monetary value that’s OK to, but that’s not why I’m blogging it’s bigger than that.


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