Sometimes it’s hard to write………..

I have been away from the blog for almost two full months. I have done my best to avoid social media on a personal level which moves over the blog as well.  Honestly, I’ve really enjoyed taking a break and only had the urge to write a couple of times since.  I want to dive in and tell you why sometime’s it’s hard to write about your money and your situation.

Sometime it’s hard to write about your money

A couple things happened recently to make it just a little more difficult to write.  After having some water damage that I talked about in March we were faced with a couple decisions in regards on what to do next.  Fixing the first floor (tenant occupied) and garden apartment (tenant recently moved out) were no- brainers for us.

What about the rest?

With the garden apartment left in poor to below average condition we decided to have our trusted contractor get the unit “rent ready”.  Our unit on the second floor also had water damage and were left with a decision on how much work we would want have done.  We also found out during this process while everything was tarped off that there was an issue with the toilet and it was in our best interest to shut off the water to the toilet.

So where do you go to the bathroom?

As the famous saying goes “everything happens for a reason” we walked down two flights of stairs and used the bathroom in garden unit while our bathroom was out of order.  During this time we had another house catastrophe that we hoped was fixed with our low cost option a few months earlier…… such luck.  We had a major storm and water came through the front of our brick home through the window trim and drywall.

When it rains it pours am I right?

As our house is from 1913 was slowly crumbling down we had a few decisions to make.  Our bathroom was already in disarray, our front wall was a wet pile of mess, and our unit could very well use some work.  Over the past almost 5 years we have been patching items or fixing the immediate need as this property while our home is first an investment property.  We decided to take the leap and have the unit we use as a primary residence have a little work done.  Our decision is to make it more like the owner’s unit, shiny and new.

If the unit is being rehabbed, where are you living?

Funny how things work.  The garden apartment is “rental ready” and we are the new renters!  We moved the essentials down to the garden unit minus a few of the big items while everything is being worked on.  Since May 1 we have been living in the garden unit and so far it’s actually pretty nice.  It’s also a great opportunity to reduce some of the “stuff” that we have as our unit is closer to 1300 square feet and the garden apartment is around 800 square feet.

Your house is being rehabbed, why does that make it hard to write?

One of my main goals when I started writing was to pay off my personal debt and reach financial independence.  I have paid off all of my personal debt, no more student loans, credit cards (I did break down and get an Alaskan Airlines credit card for the companion pass discount for an upcoming trip) or car loans.  This past year we finished up paying off our Florida rental home and now only have our primary mortgage loan left (we now have a HELOC, details for another day).

Things are going really well.

Everything is in place financially.  Automatic 401k, H.S.A., Brokerage savings, additional mortgage payments (on hold as we rehab).  So now I just sit and wait till I reach financial independence, just a short 36 months away.  I think because of this I don’t have a real motivation to write.  I could write about the rehab, insurance from water damage, brokerage account decisions, but I haven’t found the motivation.  The rehab isn’t really the issue.

For me it’s just hard to write sometimes.

They tried to make me go to rehab
I said, “no, no, no”

There are days I just don’t have the mental capacity to write.  Work at the 9-5, construction project management throughout the day and during down times, walk the dog, and cook dinner.  I would rather watch an episode of “Leftovers” on HBO Go than share with the world how my brokerage account is doing.

In short, I’m doing great and currently lack the motivation to write about my money.  I’m still on my path to financial independence, just sharing less is all.  I hope everyone on the internet is doing well, until next time!

I apologize if this is poorly edited or written for that matter.  I was writing from the hip and wanted to get it out.  Thanks.


13 Responses to “Sometimes it’s hard to write………..

  • Hey, we all need a break now and then. No need to do anything when you aren’t feeling it. I mean, that’s why I strive to become FI – so I don’t have to do anything I’d rather not do.
    MrDoublingDollars recently posted…Are Money Problems Ruining Your Marriage? Here Is How You Can Stop Financial Arguments.My Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      7 months ago

      Sorry for the long delay in responses, just know that I appreciate the comment!

      The break was needed and the goal is still FI, the writing just needed some motivation.

  • Glad to hear FI is still on track even with all this house craziness. Hope it all settles down soon. No need to apologize about the writing. If you not feeling it, no need to press it.
    Brian recently posted…Does your Saving Need a Rize?My Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      7 months ago

      Sorry for the long delay in responses, just know that I appreciate the comment!

      Everything is coming along and my motivation might be there as well, thanks Brian.

  • Wow – that sounds like such a stressful nightmare! Good for you for taking time off to prevent yourself from going crazy. When it comes to blogging, quality over quantity wins every time anyways. If you don’t have anything interesting to say, it is best just to wait until it comes to you!
    Derek @ MoneyAhoy recently posted…How to Get a 1800 Number for Your BusinessMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      7 months ago

      Sorry for the long delay in responses, just know that I appreciate the comment!

      I don’t know if it was stressful as much as it makes you second guess your decisions and plans. Sell became the word of the day, but unlikely the answer to any of our issues.

  • I totally get it is hard to write. You have also been dealing with some other stuff with the home. Although I would love to hear about the HELOC post. I have watched some YouTube videos on it and it seems like a great idea, but we haven’t pulled the plug on it yet.
    Jason recently posted…Public Student Loan Forgiveness Storm Clouds, Part 2My Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      7 months ago

      Sorry for the long delay in responses, just know that I appreciate the comment!

      I remember chatting about the struggle with you via comments in the past it certainly can get very real. Once I get out of this storm in which life has shared with me, I plan to address a few issues and results along the way including the HELOC.

  • I am glad to see you have written an update, always enjoy reading your blog! I too have struggled with writing lately as real life seems to get in the way, but I am also still on track with my finances and have not neglected them. Glad to hear you are also still where you want to be. Like you said – it’s tough coming up with the mental capacity after work and other life events.
    Debt Hater recently posted…Net Worth Update – April 2017My Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      7 months ago

      Sorry for the long delay in responses, just know that I appreciate the comment!

      It’s funny in a way when you are or have achieved a few goals and for me the reason I write, that my writing has slowed down. At least the money is right, lol!

  • You’ve gotten yourself into autopilot mode, which is great. You’ve done all the right things and don’t have anything to share at the moment. I think that is cause for celebration. If you need writing again, I’m sure it will come back to you.

    • EvenStevenMoney
      7 months ago

      Thanks ZJ, it’s certainly a different mindset.

  • It’s great to hear the update and I totally understand.

    While we are still 10 yrs away from Financial Independence I feel like everything is pretty much on autopilot. So really there isn’t much to share. Of course I know I can always share more but for the most part no big changes to our financial savings trajectory.

    So I haven’t really written a finance focused piece. However because we are planning to move to Michigan and take a mini retirement that is what I am currently focusing on the blog.

    Hope the rehab is going well.
    The Roamer recently posted…Capsule 7: Winter and a Wrap dressMy Profile

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