I Want Travel and Adventure with the Stay at Home Option Available

What do you day dream about?  I day dream about what seems like hundreds of things.  I want to own an airstream and travel the USA, own a professional sports team, buy and re-purpose a fire house.  Other times I want to sit home on my couch and rewatch Game of Thrones.  As you can see I want travel and adventure, but I want options as well.  Will Financial Independence solve my problems?

A dark road has many twists and turns but if you look around you just might see color and light.


I am all over the map, maybe I get it from my Dad.  He has been mayor of a city, detective, pizza and bar owner, truck driver, and head of the water department to name a few.  Is that the travel and adventure seeping through my Irish veins?

Maybe I get it from my Mother.  I can only think of 3 specific jobs my mother has had in my lifetime:  Teacher, factory worker, and Nurse assistant.  Travel and adventure don’t seem to stand out like the litany of jobs my father has had.

I’m an ideas person, I’m a manager without people to manage.  I’m the creator and owner of an eBay store and website, but have been at the same 9-5 job for 7 years straight.  Up until that time, I moved around every year.   In my past had all the dominoes stacked and ready to fall over to a success career, only to fall and trip ruining many years of hard work and the right moves.

I was thousands and thousands of dollars in debt and now I dream, plot, and game plan my goal of reaching financial independence.  I hope that is the answer to some of my day dreaming.

Dreamer and Impulse Adventurer

When I dream, I don’t think of the plan all the way through, I mean what fun is that.  I love to share my dream and not all the way thought out plan with my wife.   Some of my dreams~crazy ideas lead to better ideas and she helps me to think them through more thoroughly.  Sometimes I call her the dream crusher, after I apologize hundreds of times and buy her flowers I realize she is right, it’s just an idea not an idea that can become an actionable plan.

If I weren’t married, I think I would currently be in an airstream, but more likely my friend’s couch trying to see more of the world.  That sounds great for some people, and for me, the dreamer and impulse adventurer is perfect for this.

The thing is I’m also the same guy who wants to own a professional sports franchise, those cost money.  Also let’s not think Chicago Bulls, think Windy City Bulls (minor leagues of the NBA).

I want it all, not in the greedy Scrooge Mcduck way, I just want options.  I don’t think I know what I want, that’s what makes me believe Financial Independence is part of my answer.

Financial Independence Solving Lifes Problems One Adventure at a Time

I remember a few years ago looking for something different.  I wanted to retire early.  I went to the library and found books mostly on what we now call geo-arbitrage or simply taking your money and living in a cheap area away from the expensive area you currently live.

I grabbed a few books and read about individuals in their 50’s selling their expensive homes in California and moving to Costa Rica to live for cheap.  This still had all the feel of work your whole life but with a small asterisk of cash in early and live somewhere cheap.

I came across many of the same authors we all love who preached a different message.  Let’s live on less, save a ton, and then just do our own thing.  The message was usually to leave work all together, but over time this has morphed into do your own thing that you like or maybe even love.

That is where I jump in.  One of my favorite quotes is “Everyone has their own thing”, I doubt it can be accredited to anyone and remind me not to click on a Google image at work that says that, too late.

The quote can be used in a thousand different situations and to me it means that maybe you like unicorns, watching NFL on a Sunday, and figuring out puzzles.  No judgement here it means that is YOU and who YOU are.  I do like 2 out of 3 in case you were wondering.

All of this has lead up to a simple thought, I want to do my own thing.  I believe Financial Independence is part of the answer.  If money is not a concern, then either is time.  If money and time are not concerns then your world is open to your day dreams along with your excitement to stay at home.

Financial Independence is Not THEE Answer

I don’t believe Financial Independence is THEE answer, but I do believe that if money and time are of little importance when making decisions that your whole world opens up.

The reason for my excitement about FI is I don’t want to always tied down to one thing, I want flexibility.

  • I want to work on the next project or take the next trip and not be limited because of time and money.
  • I want to support our lifestyle decisions, I want a little adventure and a little stay at home.
  • I want to try different business idea and not have to work on it between my 8 hour work day and 2 hour commute.

It is about wanting different things without sacrificing your financial life.

Like many of you out there, I’m working on it one day at a time.  Not sacrificing my current lifestyle but rather building one along the way that fits my life.  In the end no matter how we get to financial independence or have day dreams about the road and travels we may take, enjoy it all.   Because remember “Everyone has their own thing”.

If you like the article or can relate to some of what I have said, go ahead and share your thoughts and add a comment.  I don’t get paid for this, in fact I recently took down my Google Adsense, no affiliate links are found in this article, just my writing and you reading, enjoy.   



5 Responses to “I Want Travel and Adventure with the Stay at Home Option Available

  • My guess is your a unicorn and watching NFL on a Sunday kind of guy. The call it “Personal” finance for a reason. Lots of great advice, and paths that we can take, but we have to carve one out the fits us best.
    Brian recently posted…It’s Okay to be Afraid about Your MoneyMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      4 months ago

      Haha yes the unicorn shines out in my work sometimes! I agree with taking your own path, I know there are rules of thumb in personal finance but it really does come down to carving out your own way.

      Hope everything is going well in your life!

  • Hey Dono, I think this is the best article you’ve written. I completely relate and I see the logic of using FI to achieve lifestyle freedoms. Keep up the good writing.

  • I agree with you. I plot, plan, and dream of FI, but don’t think it is the end all be all. I am also all over the place with what I want. I dream of white sandy beaches and exploring Europe, but I love the comfort of home. I dream of not having to work, but a lot of my identity has been built into my job. I guess that is part of the entire journey. I don’t think I will ever get it right, but being FI I think would help a bit.

    • EvenStevenMoney
      2 months ago

      It’s an interesting dilemma that it seems we both want to face. I think as we grow and get further along in life and the FI journey some things become more clear, while others seem to be less important and forgotten about.

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