I’m Getting Busy

Good News and Bad News, good always wins over bad so Good News goes first!

Good News

I’m busy, I mean super busy, like look up and realize you have been working 8 hours straight and you should have left 15 minutes ago.  Find people reaching out for cool stuff for you blog, then reaching out to other cool people to do other cool stuff that you have planned.  Then another email, anohter request, a dinner with old friends, hosting a dinner with new friends, and you realize that dang you are really busy.  This is the good news, think cool stuff, great ideas, big happenings, good times, extra money, and happiness, that’s what’s going on.

Bad News

If you skipped to the bad news, stop being a pessimist and watching the news for all the bad stuff that’s happening, read the Good News first!  I’m busy so the blog is taking a minor one day short blog post day.  It’s kind of like taking a half day at work or going home early, it’s something that’s secretly good.  I guess the bad news could also be coming home, running with the dog, water break, use kid’s sized garden rake, mow lawn, pick weeds, lay black weed blocker, make area look pretty, think how much pain you will be in tomorrow, and then eat food so you don’t collapse.  So yeah Bad News this post is reaching just over the 200 word mark and you know what happens when you do that, Google hates you, SEO kicks your dog, and readers unite to start a protest against your blog.  So that’s why I kicked it up to almost 300 words and promise bigger and better things in the next few days. Cheers!

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