Interview with J. Money is FINCON Sexy?

I have a special treat for you today, I was able to interview one of my favorite bloggers out there in J. Money from Budgets are Sexy, Rockstar Finance, and CoinThrill to give us all a sneak preview into FINCON and his personal experience over the years.  So if you are new to blogging, heading there this year for the first time, or saving up your dollars for FINCON 2015, make sure to check out this interview, it probably has something for you!!!

  1. How would you describe Fincon to a new financial blogger out there?

The perfect place to hang out (and learn) from other awesome personal finance bloggers just like you. Never will you find so many of us all in the same place – and for a weekend! – all networking and having fun.  (While drinking and dancing at night, if that’s your type of thing ;))

Looks like fun to me!


  1. What would you say your first experience at Fincon was like?

I was overwhelmed with excitement. Not only do you get to see all your friends from online over the years, but you get to meet dozens of other like-minded people too. And it was nice to talk about this stuff with people who actually get it vs those (ahem, like my wife) who is tired of hearing about it all day 😉

I was also very much surprised at how WELL put together the conference was. If you didn’t tell me it was the first one ever I’d have had no idea! It’s just like all the others, except WAY more fun and you actually want to be there than forced because of work, haha…

  1. What did you walk away saying you were going to do at the end of your first Fincon?

Network more, focus more, and hustle more. When you’re surrounded by that much talent and passion, it helps really get you in the mood to put out your best work. And this is true no matter what stage of the blogging game you’re in.

  1. Have you ever been a presenter or speaker at Fincon?

I have not. I have run a philanthropy project there, as well as participated in other events like some live podcasting that they do there, but I’m not much of a speaker truth be told. There are PLENTY of opportunities for bloggers to do so though. In fact, almost all of the presenters ARE our peer bloggers!

  1. You’re a big deal in the PF blogging world, why should you listen to these speakers/presenters?

HAH! Because every single person up there has something smart to say that I probably haven’t ever tried or considered before. I’m pretty good at doing a whole bunch of stuff decently, but I’m far from doing any of them well. And these speakers/bloggers up there are experts in the specific topics they’re talking about which means they should all be listened to, even if you “think” you know what they’re going to say. I’m constantly surprised and impressed with them.

  1. What was your favorite moment at Fincon?

Probably the first happy hour/plutus awards night at FINCON #1. It was a blast drinking beers with so many people I respect and admire for the very first time, and to then get recognized myself when the award show started was just icing on the cake. I’ve had great memories and fun at every FINCON though (my new favorite event there is the Ignite sessions where people do speed presentations on stuff),  so there’s so many things to do and have fun while there.

  1. Are you going this year and what are you expecting or what should I expect for 2015?

Yup, I haven’t missed a single one yet, and I don’t plan on doing so in the future either. It really is my favorite conference I’ve ever been to. Not sure what’s planned for 2015, but I’m guessing pretty much the same thing from all the others: Good people, good conversations, and great new cities to explore. And don’t forget, it can be a tax write off too if you’re blogging as a business 😉

  1. Did you have any celebrity type moments, like oh man that’s JD Roth from Get Rich Slowly I have to meet him?

Haha… of course. Probably hanging with Ramit at the bar(s), and then chilling with Mr. Money Mustache. I like the bloggers who are really “out there” and different, so it’s always interesting to meet them in person and see if they match up to their online style. Which they always do, if not more.


J.D Roth from Get Rich Slowly and now, you believe this guy *break dances?

(And speaking of J.D., he does some mean breakdancing after a few drinks! Haha…)

  1. I went through the schedule and I read anything from a Microbrewery tour to a Karaoke Party, is this for real, do you learn anything about blogging?

Oh yeah man, I told you there’s lots of fun to be had! Most of the learning/networking/blogging stuff goes down during the day and really does capture the bulk of the events. Everything else is on the outskirts of it (nights, mornings) or even before the conference officially starts – like with Crystal’s Blogging Bootcamp session.

10.  If I’m making $0 on my blog and just beginning is this really for me?

If you like hanging out with bloggers and/or learning it is.   What you focus on there, however, depends on what you’re trying to get out of it. For example, I go mainly for the networking and to hang out with cool people and have some fun so I concentrate on that (and attend all the happy hours, after parties, after after parties, etc). If you’re going strictly to learn, then you’ll hit up all the sessions and pick people’s brains, etc, etc. There really is something for everyone there, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a vet – everyone’s the same there and treated equally. If there was ever a place for a financial blogger to attend, FINCON would be it.

(And FYI – tons of financial companies show up there too – like over a 100 or so. So even if you hated bloggers and just wanted to go for the business connections and partnerships, you’d have plenty of those to hit up too 😉 Financial companies understand the impact bloggers have now a days, which wasn’t always the case just a handful of years ago… Again, just depends on what you want to get out of it though)

PS: If you’re new to FINCON this year and/or nervous, come find me there and I’ll be more than happy to help introduce you to people or answer any questions you may have. I should be the only one walking around with a Mohawk.


I want to give a big thank you to J Money for taking the time out of his busy schedule for the interview and giving  us a chance to learn a little more about FINCON, I hope this helps everyone get a better picture of what goes on and what you can expect, thanks again.  Please make sure to share this post with the links below and follow me on Twitter for new articles and other blogger updates.

*J Money update.  Due to the “lighting” and “adult beverages” consumed, JD Roth may not have been actually break dancing, this may have been in fact regular care free dancing.

Make sure to check out my guest post over at Reach Financial Independence, I talk about getting your spouse on board.

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