My Attempt to Claim the Jansport Lifetime Warranty

I have had my Jansport backpack for the better part of the last 3 years.  I acquired what I believe is my “Big Student Backpack” from a local thrift store for a small price tag.  My backpack came with a faded military green color, working zippers, and my very own Jimi Hendrix ironed on patch, very hard to pass up especially after the free backpack I was using decided to fall apart and bleed red anytime it rained.  Wait, some of you don’t want to hear my story, no worries click How to Claim Your Jansport Warranty and it will take you right to the meat and potatoes.

During my time with the Foxy Lady (nickname for my thrift store backpack), also performed below as part of Wayne and Garth,  I had very few complaints, in fact for my $3 purchase I could hardly say a word.  Foxy Lady had multiple zipper compartments for organization, comfortable shoulder straps, and of course a great look.

If the backpack were perfect however I would have kept it for years to come.  This is no fault of Fox Lady and Jansport, but as I ride my bike down the streets of Chicago I would be left with a back filled with a Foxy Lady size sweat mark.  Of course, Fox Lady was not built for breath-ability so it’s not her fault, I would chalk this up to me using the wrong tool.  I wouldn’t complain about a hammer for not being snugly like a blanket or a spoon for not being able to cut my steak, so I will not complain about this either, however this was a deciding factor for buying a new bag.

Foxy Lady in all it’s glory

Need a New Backpack

A few weeks ago I decided to buy a new backpack, Fox Lady was about to be replaced.  I ended up purchasing the Osprey 34 Radial backpack*, I will review this another time, but let’s just say I’m happy with my purchase.  Osprey also has a lifetime warranty, but we are here for Jansport, moving on.

Jansport Lifetime Warranty

After buying a new backpack I realized that my Jansport still had some life in it. Unfortunately it had taken a couple severe body blows that would probably make just about anyone pass.  Then something magical happened, as I was browsing the internet (Google search for recommendation articles on my phone really knows what I like, guess that’s the point) I came across Jansport having a Lifetime Warranty.  I didn’t even know Jansport had a lifetime warranty, I thought just maybe my backpack could get all fixed up like new.  If you are wondering what companies have a lifetime warranty, Penny Hoarder just recently comprised a list of companies with a lifetime warranty, including Jansport and Osprey.

My Jansport backpack or Foxy Lady if you are joining us late in the game had an injured strap, enough where you could see into the padding and the bag itself probably looked like it had been through a small war with it’s military green color.  The bag and it’s stitching hat black strings coming out from every direction and the biggest issue was the inner bag was deteriorating.  If I would put any clothes in my bag, they would come out with little green pieces from the inner lining of the bag.  This was enough for me to think I should send this in and see if Jansport could fix it or at this point in Foxy Lady’s life, replace the bag.

Since I had just purchased a new backpack I didn’t have much interest in a new bag, but Mrs. Even Steven did.  On our last vacation in Nicaragua she gave her new backpack to a family member who had been doing really well in school as encouragement and congratulations for doing so well.  Who would deserve a new backpack than someone who had given theirs to a family member.


Of course you can always check out Jansport and the detailed information they provide on how to go about claiming your warranty, go ahead I won’t be mad.  However, if you want to know how someone went through the  warranty process and provides useful information including taking you through every twist and turn then read on my friend.

I am going to share a little bit from Jansport because it’s good information to have and know and also remember this is Even Steven Money shipping his backpack from the USA, if your situation differs you might want to check out that link from above.


JanSport engineers quality, durability, and reliable products. So, if your pack ever breaks down, simply return it to our warranty center. We’ll fix it or if we can’t, we’ll replace it or refund it. We stand by our packs for a lifetime and since we’ve been making packs since 1967, that’s a guarantee you can stand by.


Please include your name, address, email, and phone number (including area code) with the item, along with a description of the problem. Please fill out the warranty return form and include a copy when you ship the product to be repaired.

Download (PDF, 294KB)

From the above form, that you can download right from my website there is a few important pieces of information to highlight.

  • Email-Make sure to enter this information, this is how I received my warranty acknowledgement receipt.  This will also have a service action number which is how Jansport tracks your claim order.
  • Reason for Return-It’s important to know you have good reason for your return, let them know what’s wrong and what needs to be fixed, help them out.  Also make sure to clean it out, it is California State Law after all!
  • Replace-As I look into my magic 8 ball, I’m fairly certain most people want their backpack replaced after all of the years of use…..All signs point to YES.  By selecting this option you are allowed to provide 3 color options for your replacement.  The easiest thing to do is to jump on the Jansport company website and look for your style bag and choose 3 color options.

After you have filled out your warranty form, signed and dated the form.  The next step is to send your backpack to Jansport with the warranty form included.  Here’s an example of mine, address and everything.

Goodbye Foxy Lady


Shipping-Head down to  your local USPS, Fedex, UPS location and send your package on it’s way.  The shipping cost me $16.65 which was from Chicago to Alameda, CA with priority shipping from USPS aka the post office, I believe the weight was 1.0-2.0 pounds.  If you check out the websites from any of the shipping companies previously mentioned, you can get a pretty good estimate of your specific cost before you send it out.

The package has been sent and then it will be received, but how will I know?  As I briefly mentioned above you will receive an email stating the receipt of your warranty request, mine came under the title:  JanSport/Eastpak Warranty Receipt Acknowledgement from, along with a service action number and a brief email and phone number if you needed to check on your bag.

Receiving-The next step according to the form is an anticipated 2 week turnaround time for repairs from the date of receipt but some delays can occur, especially during busy season.  Here’s where my warranty claim took a little bit of a turn in the usual expectations.  I called in approximately 3 weeks after I received the email of acknowledgement and spoke with the customer service representative who let me know my bag could not be repaired and a new backpack would be sent out in 7-10 business days, by estimate was a little bit before Thanksgiving.  I was really excited as I didn’t really want them to repair the bag, especially since Mrs. Even Steven would be carrying this around, Foxy Lady is clearly a man’s bag or in love with Jimi Hendrix, both are reasonable.

I waited till after the major holiday and shipping bonanza that Black Friday and Cyber Monday entail because I had yet to receive my backpack.  I called in and to my surprise the bag had already been delivered, bad news is the bag was either lost or stolen.  I’m sure with the holiday season this unfortunately is pretty common, but the customer representative immediately told me not to worry that she would send out a new one in the mail, I just needed to pick out a new color because the 3 options my wife selected were out of stock.

*Need to Know*

What I found out was that the backpacks they send to the Jansport Warranty customers are last year’s model that are remaining.  I was left with a handful of colors to choose from, which the customer service rep did a great job of walking me through the struggle of picking the right color backpack for your wife.  I was even able to get other backpack styles and colors but an additional cost.  I didn’t ask any questions on this part since I had no intentions of paying extra unless my wife had specifically picked out that style and color.

Just in case my neighborhood was a hotbed for stealing packages or the UPS guy struggled with figuring the numbers on my house, I decided to send it to my office.  For whatever reason this was rejected, so I called customer service who again was above and beyond helpful and had the item shipped to my house…. again.  As I was getting back from the holidays I received a shipment from Jansport, enclosed a brand new backpack with the tags, new backpack smell and everything.  Here’s the one we received available on Amazon*.


I can say with great certainty that the Jansport Warranty is real.  The customer service was beyond exceptional and despite the shipping complications, they easily made up for any issues to make me a happy customer.  I can guarantee the next gift I buy for a backpack will be Jansport.  The quality, customer service, and integrity of the company is exceptional.  If you have any questions or stories you would like to share about your Jansport Warranty experience, please leave them in the comments.  Thanks for reading and I hope this helps!

**Update from our Comments section and a Jansport Employee:  “But one correction, we don’t always send last years colors and styles. It just depends what we have available after we fill our retailers orders. Also – readers take note, the process can take 2-4 weeks, so please keep that in mind as well.”

New Jansport Backpack!!! Thanks Lifetime Warranty!

*This is an Amazon affiliate link and there might be more on this website.  If you use the link and make a purchase, I get a few dollars and cents (mostly cents) to support the blog and my writing.  Thank you.

13 Responses to “My Attempt to Claim the Jansport Lifetime Warranty

  • FYI – $16.65 is way too much to pay for shipping. Roll it up and cram it in the padded flat rate envelope and ship it for less than half of your cost 🙂

    • EvenStevenMoney
      1 year ago

      Eric you are spot on this one, I didn’t take much effort to decrease my shipping costs. I did this mostly as an experiment and failed on this part!

  • I did not even Know Jansport had a lifetime warranty. I personally have two Jansports backpacks, both still in working condition and one is close to 10 years. The quality of the both I have are really good, but I know if anything were to happen to it I’m cash in always cash in on their warranty.

    • EvenStevenMoney
      1 year ago

      It’s crazy you could own a Jansport backpack your whole life all from one purchase.

  • Always pleasantly surprising to hear of a company standing behind their work and providing great customer service.

    This is one the reasons I’m such a big fan of Eddie Bauer. Besides being one of the few shops I can find clothes that actually fit my tall frame, their backpacks are also superb. I’m only on my second one in the last 35 years. Although I do admit, I just bought a new one rather than getting it replaced. Lifetime warranties are so rare, it completely slipped my mind at the time!
    Jack @ Enwealthen recently posted…Lending Club P2P Portfolio Update: Q4 2016My Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      1 year ago

      I was definitely surprised with some of the lifetime warranties that are offered, adding Eddie Bauer to the list.

  • I have been mulling over getting a backpack that I can use for multi purpose things. Like combining my tech, workout and diaper bag needs all into one magic sack! That Osprey bag looks tough! The lifetime warranty looks like it should be a must for any brand these days. Is the Jansport as rugged as that Osprey you linked?
    Steven Goodwin recently posted…How Paying Off the Mortgage In 7.5 Years Changed My OutlookMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      1 year ago

      I would say the Jansport we have is more of a backpack and the Osprey that I linked is more of day/travel pack, especially as it has more of a frame to it. So you are looking for the Ultimate Bag! Haha, not sure if either of these particular bags would be for you. I do think Osprey would be considered more rugged, but then again the cost was 2x-3x more as well, so I hope it would be.

  • I got a delivery confirmation from the Post Office over a week ago, but I haven’t received any emails from Jansport regarding my backpack… Should I be worried? How long did it take for you to get the email?

    • EvenStevenMoney
      10 months ago

      I wouldn’t be worried, I would give it a few more days and also check your spam/promotions folder to see if the message was sent there. I want to say it took 2 weeks for mine, can’t be certain.

  • I’m not sure how I found your post – but I actually work in JanSport’s Warranty department, and your article perfectly and accurately describes our Warranty Policy and practice! Thank you! But one correction, we don’t always send last years colors and styles. It just depends what we have available after we fill our retailers orders. Also – readers take note, the process can take 2-4 weeks, so please keep that in mind as well. Thank you again!

    • Does the fact that he purchased his backpack second-hand at a thrift store void the warranty? Jansport’s website says “JanSport warranties only apply to JanSport products purchased from authorized dealers.”

    • EvenStevenMoney
      5 months ago

      Thanks Elizabeth. My wife loves the Jansport bag!! I’ll make sure to add an update:)

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