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Big Wheel, not pictured Even Steven

Growing up as a kid, I didn’t spend a great deal of time on a bike, although apparently I was a huge fan of the big wheel according to my parents.  One of the reasons was I moved into a more rural area just outside of couple small towns at a young age.  The only way I could get into town was either taking a roller coaster like hill down, which sounds fun but going back up you will find much to be desired, or a highway* heading a couple miles in the other direction.  As I got a little older and closer to middle school age, I started to bike more and more often mostly to go see friends because they were not crazy enough to ride on the highway to see me.  Eventually once into town we would ride all over the place because well what else were we going to do, right?  We would ride miles and miles just for the fun of it, it even helped me go from husky Even Steven to athletic Even Steven, which was a nice change of pace. After I moved to a new town and entered high school, eventually the driving age, and biking stopped all together, I mean I had a 1997 Purple Mercury Tracer, who’s riding a bike if you have a sweet car like that! (I still miss you Traca’ You Can’t Replaca’)  College and a little bit of life happened in between and funny enough I’m starting to bike a little more (I’ve been sharing on Twitter, feel free to check me out), so in honor of National Bike Week and National Bike Month I wanted to share, promote, and encourage biking to work, the grocery store, the park, the library, and even just for fun.

I’m not going to proclaim that you should sell your car today and starting biking to work tomorrow, although in a funny way I’m getting closer to practicing just that.  I sold my car, what seems like forever ago and it bares repeating, this is one of the best financial decisions I have ever made.  I live in Chicago where it almost makes more sense to not own a vehicle than to own one.  The costs associated with just parking a car in Chicago can be astronomical with $20 a day parking if you drive into the city and spending a cool $40,000 to own a parking space in the city, I wouldn’t make this up people, it’s crazy.  I want to point out that parking your bike is free, yep I might have just saved you $40,000 that was a close one right!

If you look around you bikes are becoming more and more an option to get to and from in many cities, including Chicago.  Recently Chicago has even stepped up to the plate and offered a bike sharing system called Divvy Bikes, run by Motivate, which has bike sharing programs in New York City, Boston, San Francisco, and even Melbourne Australia.  I’m not sharing this information because I use and ride the bike sharing program, but to show how things are moving towards bicycling as a more common mode of transportation.  It’s time to get on board!

Since it’s Friday and we all want to laugh a little and enjoy our day,  I am featuring a fun video and some very cool statics from  I don’t want to take too much of your time today, but I wanted everything to think a little bit more about riding your bike to work and beyond, for fun, for health, for savings, or just to shed the monster.  Happy Friday!!!




Here are a few other fact filled fun bike articles that I wanted to share with everyone:


*Highway is a little strong, but cars are going 55 mph or greater that’s highway enough for me.

The featured image is a picture on my bike ride to work, you don’t get to see that sitting behind a traffic jam of cars.

7 Responses to “National Bike Week, Bike Month, Bike Year, Bike Life

  • i loved biking when I was young and still do! Living in rural KY the only roads I had to ride were 55 mph. 🙂 I’d go out for hours and cruise the highways, once I even looked up and saw a “Welcome to Tennessee” sign. Oops…
    In Denver I commuted by bike more when I was able to. Now, that’s out of the question. We still go on 30-40 minute rides with the kids at least twice a week but usually closer to 4 nights a week.
    Biking is a great way to exercise and save money if you can use it to commute too!
    Mr. SSC recently posted…Rising Insurance rates saved us $1800/year!My Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Yeah the 55 mph signs when you are 8 years old are less of a go, but yeah fun trips once you feel comfortable riding. That’s great that you guys bike so much, especially with the kids sounds fun. I don’t bike to work for the money, I do it as a challenge and for the exercise, it’s been fun so far.

  • Wow, nice to see my home city of Melbourne, Australia getting a mention! They have established a bike sharing program, and cycling has become pretty popular here, but the city has a long way to go before the roads and paths are more ‘bike friendly’. I admit, I haven’t ridden a bike in many many years, and really enjoy taking the train to work, but need to seriously look into this option. It might be about a 1 hr ride to work for me, which would certainly give my fitness a huge boost!

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Yeah I’m right there with you, it’s an hour bike ride for me, but it feels like you accomplished something before the day begins which I really enjoy. Yeah infrastructure is a whole other topic, but heading the right direction right?!

  • I was just explaining to my oldest son how often I road my bike from 5-17 years old. Until I got a car. I don’t even own a bike today, but want to get one just even for the exercise benefit of it.

  • I’ve never been much of a biker either. I’ve always been more of a runner, partially because I feel that running is a more intense exercise than biking. Call me out if I’m wrong, but I don’t think you use your shoulder muscles when you bike, do you?
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    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      When you bike you do use your shoulder muscles, especially when climbing hills with the side to side motion, also used for steering and braking, but in general yep it’s mostly legs. I think it all depends on your intensity and your bike, for example if you have a beach cruiser and want to look out at the lake for a nice stroll then yeah jogging/running is more intense, but the guys wearing spandex suits and a fancy shirt going 20 mph, I’d challenge that those are more intense than the 3 mile jog I take;)

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