OK But Seriously How Many Mondays Do I Have Left?

When Monday comes around in the Even Steven Money household getting out of bed becomes that much more difficult.  I hear the alarm go off at 5:30 am but I say to Mrs. ESM and my dog Angel, just 2 more minutes, as I do my best to fall back completely asleep.  A few minutes later I realize that probably wasn’t 2 minutes and head straight to take Angel outside.  No coffee or breakfast, at this point I’m usually struggling to figure out how to put the leash on correctly, I’ve failed more times than I care to admit.  After a brief walk around the neighborhood, usually with one eye open as I slowly wake up and adjust to the weather which surprises me every time, I’m ready for Monday, OK that’s a lie, but seriously how many Monday’s do I have left?

When I arrive home with our dog, I make sure she is taken care of for the day, food and water are essential, plus remember she will be napping for the next 8-10 hours while I work.  I decided to make coffee at home today, maybe it’s me fighting a little harder for FI, maybe it’s me not wanting to leave the office on a cool rainy day, in either case $2 was saved from my eating out budget this week.  There is a moment during the time I grab my phone and head to the shower that I consider calling in, not because I am sick, because it is Monday and the option to extend my weekend of seeing friends, going to the lake front, having a beer, and grilling sausages certainly is better than a day in front of a computer doing work stuff.  After I shower another moment comes, the one where you think that crawling back into bed has to be the correct choice today.  This moment passes quickly as I brush my teeth and begin to look for the most comfortable items I can get away with wearing.  Sweatpants, t-shirt, dress pants, dress shirt, polo, Bob Huggins jacket,  I can live with this today.  OK but seriously how many Monday’s do I have left?

I’m on the clock, you know the time you have to leave by otherwise you will be late, for me it’s checking the bus tracker to see how many minutes I have.  I actually have no idea even what time it is at this moment so I am mildly surprised to see that I have 2 minutes to pour my coffee, grab my keys, and walk 1/2 block to my awaiting chariot of a bus.  Maybe because it’s Monday or possibly because my “caring meter” is at ultra-low levels but if I miss the bus I’m not really concerned.  If anything I’m more concerned about taking my lunch from the night before, this is another step closer to FI, this saves $10 towards my eating out budget, you almost can’t get away with lunch for less than that in the city, my Financial Independence Day thanks you.  I know you are all hanging on the edge of your seats if I made the bus, thanks to some timely traffic and road construction I am on my way to work on time, just a quick bus and a quiet although packed train ride and I can start my Monday of work.  OK but seriously how many Mondays do I have left?

On each train ride I take you can find me either with headphones and a podcast or reading a good book from the Chicago Public Library.  My mornings usually consist of the former, very often it is the likes of Dave Ramsey, he says many of the same things, but he is a constant reminder to spend less than I make and to make my financial situation a priority, I need that.  Today was different, I switched it up with a religious podcast from Joel Osteen titled Unexpected Sunshine, which really fit my needs today.  Being on the train you tend to people watch as the train is one of the most amazing collections of people on the planet, just this morning I saw a young high school student carrying her art portfolio, a typical suit and tie business man with his briefcase, and a homeless man clutching his blanket.  It’s these times for me that make me wonder what we are all doing, what purpose and goals are we trying to get to, but mostly I’m wondering how many Monday’s I have left?

In the past year I wrote about how many days till I retire, which is a friendly reminder to myself that working for 12,000 more days is not in my retirement plans.  Looking back on the numbers, I would have 1,700 Mondays left to go if I retire at 65.  Instead with my Financial Independence Day I am down to 275 Mondays.  I guess that answers the question, but maybe I shouldn’t be watching the clock today wondering when it’s over, but I can’t help myself today, only 274 Mondays to go after today.  How many Monday’s do you have left*?  Have you shared your FI Day on our new page, let’s get the word out to others.


Featured Image Courtesy of Valpo.edu

*Calculate at timeanddate.com



22 Responses to “OK But Seriously How Many Mondays Do I Have Left?

  • Looks like somebody is keeping their eye on the prize! 🙂

    That’s a cool little utility to calculate the days. I don’t have a specific day (or wealth number) in mind before I allow myself to retire, but just for the sake of this discussion, I’m going to choose April 1st, 2020.

    That leaves me with 1809 days left.

    Depending on how things go over the next couple of years, that day could be pushed in either direction. It is funny to observe how small alterations to ones lifestyle change their remaining working days. It’s fun to play with these numbers a bit.
    Steve Adcock recently posted…Want to retire young? Believe it or not, you already know how it is doneMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      1809 days it seems odd just to say out loud right. I’m with I’m trying to push the envelope on the date, the way I set up my FI day is largely based on real estate and any personal debt repayment and investments are not included, so I still have the opportunity to speed up the date as well.

  • Mr SSC bought a retirement clock so that he has a countdown. Of course, I scolded him for wasting money on it… but it is still funny. It has like a cheesy beach sunset on the clock.
    Mrs SSC recently posted…WTF: Not everyone wants to retire early?My Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Where does the keep the retirement clock? I like it even though it cost him a few dollars, imagery helps get the mind in the right place. Also have you checked the Financial Independence Day page, I’m looking to add you guys soon.

  • I need to calculate my FI date and age. It’s something I should just add to my net worth spreadsheet. With 3 children we are trying to find that balance between long term saving for FI and short term 5-10 years for things like college.

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Certainly everyone has different priorities, since we do not have kids it’s easy to skip this calculation. You are right though it might be an added bonus to the spreadsheet.

  • I have arbitrarily picked 40 years old as my FI date. That would be 2028. I ran the numbers and this is very doable if I stay along the same career trajectory. Might even be conservative by 3 years or so. I need to dig down into the details and come up with a concrete goal!

    Also today was especially hard to wake up. I worked from home Friday so it felt like a 3 day weekend, plus it was pouring outside in NYC. I feel your pain!
    Fervent Finance recently posted…Liebster AwardMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      I would be really excited to see you fine tune the 2028, especially if this is a conservative figure. I have a FI Day page that is just calling your name.

      Long weekend and Rain, yeah lucky you even woke up at at all!

  • I think with the date I put into my retirement clock, I have ~1130 days or another 161 Mondays to go! Woohoo! Of course, that’s my “best case” date if there are no major financial crashes. Fingers crossed! I keep my clock on my desk, but since I rarely go in there anymore, I need to move it to somewhere more visible to be a more constant reminder. I think it was worth the $12 as it makes me smile every time I look at it.
    Mr. SSC recently posted…WTF: Not everyone wants to retire early?My Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Sounds like a real jewel for $12. Looks like you have me by a few months so that’s pretty exciting for you!

  • I can totally relate to your feeling about Mondays. Except I think I feel like that every morning. Almost every morning I want to just keep driving until I’m at the beach rather than going to my office building. Right now I’m not sure what I want to do with my career, so I’m not exactly sure when I’ll reach FI. It’s either suck it up and sell my soul for a few years or find something I am more passionate about so I don’t feel like I die a little bit inside every time I have to go to work.
    Jessica recently posted…The Cost of Being an Attorney in CaliforniaMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Just based on your comment, sounds like a career/company change is in order. Having a beach to drive to must make it a little more difficult that’s for sure.

  • I actually like Mondays and Mornings. But I get the point, how many times do we have to do something we don’t want to do. Instead we should be able to spend Monday’s as we see fit.
    Gen Y Finance Guy recently posted…Thursday Rant #3 – Dear Boss, You Suck!My Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Yeah mornings usually aren’t the problem, but this Monday certainly was:)

  • This strikes a nerve this week for our household also… We had a delightful Sunday using the smoker to stock the freezer. But the day started early and ended late – all good times, but a long day. Every single one of us, down to even Maroon Mutt, were quite reluctant to get going Monday morning.

    We are targeting FIRE before Mr. Maroon reaches the 40 mark in mid August 2020. So your July 31, 2020 is quite appropriate for us too! But still 274 Mondays to go…
    Mrs. Maroon recently posted…Like Bills Through the Breeze… This is the Money of Our LivesMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      For some strange reason I get really excited when someone has the same Financial Independence time frame as us, like a “they are just like me” moment. Also as soon as I find your link for your FI Day, I’m adding you to the page I created…..if that’s ok with you of course;)

  • According to my chart, I only have 440 days, 270 work days, and 63 more Mondays before I check out of the cube farm for the last time.

    Don’t think about it too much, it gets more difficult to go to work the more you do.
    No Nonsense Landlord recently posted…March – April 2015 Rental Cash FlowMy Profile

  • 275 is a lot better than 1,700, that’s for sure! Does your job let you work from home at all?
    The Professor recently posted…How to Diversify Stocks: Double DiversificationMy Profile

  • I am not so much having an ER date as an FI date and since I started later mine is a bit longer than everyone else, but I am putting it at the age of 50. Part of that reason is b/c we still have a lot of student loan debt to pay off and the house as well. However, I think that by 50 I could FI, which is my real goal. But I like going to work on Mondays.
    Jason recently posted…Financial Tip Friday: Invest in Index FundsMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Not everyone needs to be Financially Independent or retire early, but I think having certain goals really keeps you motivated for whatever track you are on. Student loans, I loathe them so best of luck on that journey.

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