Paying off over $100,000 and Sharing with Debt Free Divas

Over the 4th of July weekend Toni from Debt Free Divas published an fun talk we had a couple weeks back.  If you head over you will learn new things about me such as:

  • Why Debt Free Divas thinks I’m a “cool” personal finance guy
  • My wife is the smart one in our financial relationship
  • What I actually sound like
  • Why we are considering starting a movie project called “Personal Finance Chickflick”

I hope everyone had a great Independence Day, not to be confused with our Financial Independence Day found here at Even Steven Money.

3 Responses to “Paying off over $100,000 and Sharing with Debt Free Divas

  • Personal Finance Chickflick!!



  • Hi Steven we had a great one . Going to go check out podcast.

    I was wondering when you do an interview do you know ahead of time the questions 🙂
    The Roamer recently posted…2016 mid year goal reviewMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      2 years ago

      I have had it both ways. In this particular one I did not know the questions ahead of time, just the general topic of sharing about my debt freedom. For example, when I was on His and Her Money they had a few questions ready ahead of time. I don’t really have a preference I don’t mind talking;)

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