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About a year ago I was looking to cut expenses and began looking very hard at my budget and items I could save money. Besides tcamryhe Big 3 of House, Car, and Food, the items that jumped out at me were cable and my cell phone. I was finishing up my contract with Verizon and looking for a change in one way or another. I had a family plan with my wife, both with the iPhone and the minimum required data plan and 2 additional basic phones for her family that acted as a phone without a data package; I know I’m not sure how they survived without a data package. The total price for our family was $225 a month or $2,700 a year, or $27,000 every 10 years, just to talk on the phone and check the internet from time to time, that’s absolutely crazy right?!? See that nice new Toyota Camry, if we would have gone without cell phones for 10 years that car could be ours. But I digress we are not talking about giving up cell phones; we are talking about how much money I saved using Republic Wireless.

Out of the $225 a month plan I was responsible for $80/month or $960/year, this amount does not account for any new cell phones, cell phone accessories, overage costs for minutes, text, or data, which we all know can pop up and surprise our budget at any time. What do you mean I made a call from Canada?! Yes that costs $9.99 minute and you were on for 38 seconds, pay up! Just another call to customer service to find out why I was charged extra last month, great gooogly moogly. I read a lot of blogs because I love learning about how others are saving money and what they are doing differently than me. I didn’t come across one person who said, I’m with Verizon on the family plan saving hundreds of dollars and it helped me pay off my credit cards and student loans. What I did come across was a select few mentioning something called Republic Wireless(RW); they mentioned really affordable frugal plans for those looking to make a difference in their budgets. I was skeptical and knew that like any Even Steven Money follower knew I needed to research the crap out of RW.

All of my research boiled down to a few summary points:

• RW first tries to connect to Wi-Fi to make call, text, or use the internet
• If Wi-Fi is unavailable they switch over to Sprint’s network
• RW had 1 phone available(now they have more) which you needed to buy from them called the Moto X, which costs $300
• Plan prices included a $5, $10, $25, and $40 plan depending on your service desired
• No contract ever

My research said that if I could pay for a $300 Moto X phone upfront and deal with whatever Sprint service had to offer then this could be the phone for me, especially for the the amount of savings I was going to receive. How much savings exactly, let me show you:


Month Verizon Wireless RW $25 Plan Savings RW $10 Plan Savings
1 80 $330 ($250) $315 ($250)
2 80 30 50 15 65
3 80 30 50 15 65
4 80 30 50 15 65
5 80 30 50 15 65
6 80 30 50 15 65
7 80 30 50 15 65
8 80 30 50 15 65
9 80 30 50 15 65
10 80 30 50 15 65
11 80 30 50 15 65
12 80 30 50 15 65
Total $960.00 $660.00





This is the same excel sheet I used when I was deciding whether Republic Wireless was right for me.  I made the switch to RW.  It has been great, the concerns I had have been so minor that I don’t even notice them today.  This is the dollars and sense of making a decision to save money.  After 1 year he’s my actual bill  totals details and how much I saved:


RW SavingsThat’s right I saved $500 this year alone!!!!!  This is just one person in 1 year, so I’m easily going to save over $1000 over the same 2 year contract that Verizon had me shackled to before.


Have questions about Republic Wireless?  Ask away in the comments section. If you like this one be prepared, I plan to do another post on my 1 year Review of Republic Wireless, I wasn’t the beta phone, but I was pretty close.  I’ll dive into the phone, plans, and my overall experience…….




*Some of the links found on this post and my Republic Wireless banner are affiliate links, if you make a purchase using the link they will tell me I’m awesome and maybe give me a few bucks while their at it, thanks for reading.

**I’ve since removed the calculator from this post, since RW has added so many different plans including a refund plan and phones, here check it out.

18 Responses to “Saving Money with Republic Wireless-Calculator

  • I have Republic Wireless and my husband has Ting- both really reliable and super cheap. I honestly don’t see how people pay $100+ per month anymore when there are so many cheap options out there!
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted…Frugal Travel: Where Would You Go for Five Days?My Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Another shining endorsement for Republic Wireless!

  • Hooray for MVNOs! We definitely considered Republic Wireless, and your post illustrates the upside of a baseline comparison when it comes to cell phone costs. Do you use the $10 wifi only plan? It’s an attractive option.

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Yes I use the $10 plan, which consists of Unlimited Phone and Text, any data I use is connecting to a wi-fi signal. At work I check my phone once at lunch, maybe twice if I take a break or before I go home since my lobby has wi-fi. When I get home my phone connects to wi-fi as well. Only time I need/use 3G is when we take a trip or if I’m going somewhere and the wife isn’t along. For me it’s awesome, plus I hate checking my email during the day.

  • We have always been intrigued by lowering our cell phone expenses. We currently have AT&T. At the present though, my employer reimburses me 100% of my monthly bill. Mr. Maroon’s employer gives him a stipend in each paycheck that actually covers MORE than his part of the monthly bill.

    You can bet that we will be investigating cheaper alternatives once we no longer have employers that offset our costs. I appreciate reading and hearing about what others have found so that we are more prepared for when that day (finally) comes…
    Mrs. Maroon recently posted…In Pursuit of PerfectionMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      I see your point with getting money from the employer, not sure if I understood correctly, but if the company is paying the bill are they giving you the option of any service? Just wondering if they give you say $100 month, but choose a plan that’s $25, could be a nice savings bonus.

  • Really awesome calculator and spreadsheet! Congrats on saving money, woo hoo!
    Melanie @ Dear Debt recently posted…Want to be a Financial Rockstar? Reject the Status QuoMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Thanks Melanie, I worked hard on the spreadsheet so I appreciate that and having hundred dollars in my pocket;)

  • Love the spreadsheet! I use Walmart Family Mobile, which is basically identical to Republic Wireless in terms of pricing.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…Factors That Affect Car Insurance RatesMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Glad you liked the spreadsheet, getting more nerdy as time goes on.

  • I have a question that isn’t about the calculator, but about RW. Do you have to buy the MOTO phone or can you continue to use another smartphone. I ask b/c MRS.ROB loves her Iphone. Any info is helpful! Great post Steven!
    Jason recently posted…Advice on Salary Negotiations and Benefits, Part IIMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Great question Jason, you do need to buy the phones offered from RW, which are anywhere from $99-$299 currently and they are the Motorola phones, Moto X, G, and E. We switched from our iPhone to RW/Android and really prefer it with everything being tied to Google.

  • I am amazed by the amount you are able to save. I think we all need such a comparison sheet.
    Amos recently posted…How Owning Your Home Will Change Your LifeMy Profile

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