Spontaneous Frugal Date Night

I know many in the personal finance community speak of frugality, but we often speak in general terms and miss out a little on the night life, but I mean hey nothing good happens after midnight anyways, right?! Here’s a few examples, make sure you don’t go out to eat, but rather make a home cooked meal, don’t watch TV and cut cable, but instead invite friends over for board game night, instead of going shopping at the mall go play catch at the park. These are all great things to go out and do, but these are usually planned out pretty well in advance, what happens when you want to be spontaneous for a frugal date night with the significant other? Well let me share a night just like that………..

It all started in a place far, far way…………..Chicago

To read more please head on over to Debt Discipline and hear more about my Frugal Date Night!

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    […] miles away for 2 nights, which led me to a new destination Couchsurfer.org, I mean it led me to my spontaneous frugal date night, why not a free couch to stay or bed, I’m pretty open.  Long story short on this one, with a […]

    3 years ago

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