Saving Money on Beer-The Brewery Tour and Craft Beer Week

Do you like beer?  OK that’s a little bit of a no-brainer, everyone likes beer and chances are if you are reading this you LOVE you some beer.  Can I get a hell-yeah?!?!  As I have grown from my college days of drinking the random 30 pack of the cheapest and lightest beer, I have now grown to trying Micro-brews from all over the country,  not long ago I stumbled upon a near goldmine of beer happiness!  The BREWERY TOUR!!!!

For those of you who have never been on a brewery tour, it’s a guided tour of the brewery(beer making facility), usually by someone who works for the company, they tell you a history of how they got started, what the process is of making the beer, and most important you get to SAMPLE the BEER while enjoying the tour.  Sounds pretty great in my book, so I wanted to share a couple of my experiences on being able to: sample new beers, saving money, entertainment, and a great experience.

I live in the Chicago area which is home to a small brewery called Half Acre.  When we first moved to Chicago we took a Saturday afternoon and started our day off right, with a brewery tour of course.  Half Acre has become pretty popular in Chicago especially with the microbrew explosion, even 1500days is thinking about getting in the mix.   We read the reviews on Yelp and knew we needed to get there early to get our Golden Ticket.

Like any great place in goldenticketChicago there is a line to get in, so we got there early because the tour is limited and only takes the first 60 people.  Then like purchasing your Powerball ticket for the big prize you buy your ticket for the tour, $10 gets you are 3 tokens to trade for Pints of beer and a nice Half Acre pint glass.  Just make sure you have this calculated into your budget.

Let the tour begin and what better way to start then having your glass filled with your first pint of beer, go ahead take a sip it’s just the beginning.  We then met our tour guide, who was one of the owners of Half Acre, he went into how Half Acre came about and how they built the urban brewery in the city of Chicago.  All of this while sipping on your favorite freshly brewed beer, go ahead and get you’re your 2nd pint, it’s the perfect time.  The owner then went through how the beer is brewed, including the grains they use for the fermentation, really great if you are interested in your own brew.  Our tour ended with of course the final 3rd pint of beer, just enough to say how much you love the beer and wanting more in the future.

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So let’s check out the value we were able to get on our tour, remember this is about saving money!

Money Spent:  $10

  • Pint Glass: $5
  • Pint of Daisy Cutter:  $5
  • 2nd Pint of Over Ale:$5
  • 3rd Pint of Double Daisy Cutter:$5

So we spent $10 to get $20 worth of Half Acre beer and merchandise!  Don’t forget you just went through a history lesson, tour of how to make beer, and a great story to tell, that my friend is a beer tripel decker.

If you like the small brewery tours and are in Chicago check out Half Acre and an up and comer in the craft beer scene, Lake Effect Brewery, the guys over there are doing it by the bootstrap with bottling their own beer and even supplying beer and pizza to help bottle this tasty newcomer.

My wife and I really like to try new breweries and have even started including them in our vacation plans, it’s a great way to do something touristy and have a great craft brew while you are at it.  Make sure you celebrate Craft Beer Week in your town and don’t forget you must be 21 to drink and drive responsibly(I prefer to not drive at all).


Have you tried any brewery tours?  What’s your favorite, we may be vacationing near your town next?

16 Responses to “Saving Money on Beer-The Brewery Tour and Craft Beer Week

  • I like beer, we usually drink beer on special occasions. Beer here only costs $1.

    • EvenStevenMoney
      4 years ago

      $1 beers that’s great. $1 beers don’t exsist in Chicago for a craft brew.

  • I dig it! I’ll be in Chicago soon and just may check this place out.

    Ever been to Three Floyd’s in Munster Indiana? That place makes some righteous brews, but they are extremely popular. Get there early.
    Mr. 1500 recently posted…Ask the Readers: Who is your Warren Buffett?My Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      4 years ago

      I would say it’s worth it for a nice little Saturday. I have a few on the list, I’ve heard of Three Floyd’s but havent’ made the trek, but i’ll put it on the list.

  • What a great idea! I’m not a beer drinker, but it looks like a great way to save some money! I’ve scheduled a tweet with a link to this blog post to be shared with others 🙂
    Emma @ Make Money Without a Job recently posted…Make money from blogging: BubbleWSMy Profile

  • Looks great! I haven’t gone on any brewery tours yet, but the city of Toronto actually has quite a few including brewpubs which are great as well. Love beer and really enjoy trying new ones. Might have to check out a few if I come out to Chicago.
    Lauren @ recently posted…Post Grad TransitionMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      4 years ago

      I’ve only been to Canada once while I was still in high school, but if I ever get back, I bet Canada has some great brews out there! Thanks for stopping by Lauren.

  • I love beer too but I never had a chance to have a beer tour. But during my college days we had a 3 days tour and we had a chance to visit the Coke company, we drunk lots of Coke in there for free.
    Marie @ 724 Credit recently posted…Credit Score Components and MythologiesMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      4 years ago

      That sounds like a Warren Buffett dream vacation! Free Coke!

  • I’ve been on a few brewery tours and they’re a lot of fun. Especially the part where you drink beer! haha
    Mike Collins recently posted…Likability Will Help You Succeed in the WorkplaceMy Profile

  • Looks like fun. I get to Chicago at least twice a year to visit family. I know what our next outing will be!
    Turtlevestor recently posted…Invest Like Warren BuffetMy Profile

  • Couldn’t help but point out it’s 18 down under 😉 to drink haha, as for Europe there’s also some awesome breweries 🙂

    Cheers & yep I’ve been to a few

    • EvenStevenMoney
      1 year ago

      I’ve only been to the Heineken and Guinness brewery when I was over in Europe, good times wouldn’t mind hitting up Germany sometime soon for a few beers.

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