The Definition of Even Steven

Even Steven

The definition of even-steven from has two separate definitions.

  1. Having no balance of debt on either side: even in the setting of accounts.
  2. Have an equal chance or score; tied.

This is summing up my financial priorities, it’s absolutely amazing.  It’s the basis for being debt free, financially independent and creating wealth.  The definition almost writes this post.  My goal is to have no balance of debt on either side.  I’m going to loosen up this definition and say either side is personal debt and mortgage debt.  My financial goal is to be financially independent and if my debt has no balance then watch out coffee shops, beaches, parks, and get ready for this guy (I’m clearly pointing to myself).

The second definition says it with a little more Boom.  If you want to be debt free, practice yoga with Kim Kardashian, sip lattes with Kevin Bacon, share stock picks with Warren Buffet, then join Even Steven Money and “Have an equal chance or score”.  *Disclaimer*  If you become debt free,  these things may not happen, honestly I’m not even sure if sipping lattes with Kevin Bacon sounds appealing to anyone.

I’m going to give you 3 easy steps to debt freedom………….I call bullshit on anyone who has ever posted something like this.  If it took 3 easy steps, then Mr. Jones and his 2014 BMW would be just soaking it up and not struggling with credit cards, student loans, and paying for little Johnny’s private pre-school, yes people are paying a little extra for those naps on the floor .  I’m walking through every step of the way my successes, my failures, getting punched in the stomach, and of course getting that final knockout blow, Financial Freedom.

Even Steven Money will focus on a few main areas:

  • Becoming Debt Free and getting to Even Steven
  • Investing, real estate, and creating wealth
  • Entrepreneurship, Earning more income, side hustles
  • Obtaining Financial Independence and Retire Early(FIRE)

Let’s get to Even Steven together, change your life, change your future, because NOW is the time!

16 Responses to “The Definition of Even Steven

  • jessie brenna
    4 years ago

    I love your ATTACKING debt like a Ragnar Lothbrok!I didn’t know who he was til I read further and found out! I’ve never had a very big income so have never allowed myself 2 have much debt, but neither have I learned how 2 longterm SAVE! Only short term, 4 buy a new piece of furniture,to buy an airline tktetc.I hv a sm. E. fund but dip in2 that also! And not always 4 an emergency! recently my credit card debt got 2 2,000. So I am attacking that, and have it down 2 200. and plan 2 KEEP IT DOWN! Paying it off ea. mo.! NO excuses!My son in law has blog bigguymoney and has studied and learned SOO much @spending,giving ,saving,investing… He and the little lady were in debt big time and now r completely OUT! and r way in the BLACK!Sometimes it takes a hrd knock 2 wake up and c the error of our ways.I too hv learned some things the hard way! @ 3 yrs ago 2 of the gkids(8&9 now)& myself,were putting $ into a little bank at my house and I said ,we won’hv 2 ever b too concerned @ $ if we remember a good little Biblical rule: Give some. Spend some , Save some! (I guess invest some would fall under the save, kinda) Just a simple truth that kids can remember.

    • EvenStevenMoney
      4 years ago

      I’m glad you liked the post! Ragnar Lothbrok and the show Vikings is pretty entertaining to watch. Income is only a concern if you spend more than you make, sometimes just being content with what you have is one of the biggest obstacles. I am all for Give some, spend some, save some! Thanks again for the comment and remember attack DEBT like Ragnar Lothbrok!!

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