The Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins


I read personal finance books all the time.  Sometimes I skim through them because I have read a similar topic or have a really good understanding and the author is not providing any new light on the subject to keep me entertained.  Over time I have come across a few books that I read every detail, I grab excerpts and share with colleagues and friends, I read every last page.  The Simple Path to Wealth was one of these books.

I’m going to run through what I loved about the book and what I didn’t, the good news way more love.


  • The ideas and writing behind the book are all simple, you don’t have to calculate alpha or throw darts guessing what to invest in
  • The book sticks with it’s strengths and JL Collins knows investing
  • There is a great flow to the book with different stories about his life and what he does in real life with his own money along the way
  • The advice while simple gives you what millions and millions of people hope to achieve and that’s the average return of the stock market
  • Jack Bogle and Warren Buffett undoubtedly would give JL Collins a thumbs up, who knows maybe even buy him a Coke and some peanut brittle

Loved Less

  • I don’t agree with JL Collins on real estate.  While I don’t think he specifically talks about rental real estate it all gets lumped into one category.  He makes good arguments on why your home is not an investment or actually it’s a terrible investment, but I still disagree and don’t think you can lump everything in one bucket in this discussion.  That’s it, told you I loved it.

JL Collins has a book that I can and probably will give to my friends and family when they ask about investing.  Don’t complicate things on your path to wealth and buy this book it’s simple and straight forward.  This book can be found on Amazon, the simplest way is to head on over to JL Collins website to tell you more on how to buy the book.


4 Responses to “The Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins

  • Nice review. Glad to hear you didn’t have too many cons – I’m looking forward to reading a copy of it!

  • I love a succinct review. Thanks for sharing your opinion on it.

  • I feel very happy for Jim to have finally published his book. Personal Finance advice like he preaches should go more mainstream. I’ve come across his website a few years back, I quickly stumbled on his stock series and loved it for its simplicity and the friendly tone he wrote them in.
    With all the great reviews, I can’t wait to read it.
    Thanks for the review!
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  • I would be interested in hearing why he thinks real estate is a terrible investment. I understand that on your primary home it may not be considered a full blown investment but at the end of the day, the house should appreciate and in my opinion, I would rather be paying down a mortgage then paying down someone else’s mortgage by renting out.
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