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Even Steven Money and this site are about many things first and foremost is reaching financial independence.  Along that road to financial independence is investing, paying off debt, making money, and lastly Saving Money.  Today is the day I get to talk about Saving Money because a great opportunity to share with everyone just came through my personal email.  In fact this week I am declaring this as the official #MoneySavingWeek for Even Steven, the entire week will be dedicated to companies I use to save money and in return I will provide an opportunity for you to save money as well, the great Win, Win that everyone is looking for.  Your New Year’s Resolution of saving money does not end on January 31st, in fact I hope to revitalize your goals and passion to save money.  My goal for you and I is to save money, learn about a company I personally use to save money, and have YOU try a new way to save money.  Let’s get started.


What is Uber?

Uber is an app based transportation network and taxi that allows riders to request a car pickup simply by logging in on your mobile device or computer Uber picks up your GPS location and connects you to the closest Uber driver available to pick you up in minutes.  It’s really that simple and that convenient.

Why Do I Use Uber?

This could be a pretty long list, let me bullet point this so it doesn’t get out of hand:

  • Fast and Reliable.  Request a pick up via the app and they will tell you how long it will be before they will be there.  Know exactly when to go outside or finish your last drink for the night.  They will even give you a call to let you know they are near by or right outside.  No more waiting outside for a taxi to arrive or flagging one down in the street.
  • Clear Pricing.  I live in Chicago so if I plan on heading out to downtown for the night all I have to do is put in my destination and select Fare Estimate and I will receive a price range on what it will cost.  You don’t have to worry about hailing a cab and praying it’s not going to cost you $$$$.
  • Cashless and Convenient. This just might be my favorite part about Uber.  It’s all cashless, I don’t have to worry about if I have $40 in my wallet or if the driver’s credit card machine is going to work (or if he’s going to lie and say it doesn’t).  I personally have my debit card attached to my Uber account and when I reach my destination it simply deducts the amount of the trip plus tip from my account and sends me a receipt via email, done.
  • New, Innovative, and Makes Money Sense.  I think one of the great things about the era that we live in is all of the new technology that has come about and all of the potential money it can save us.   Uber is a classic example of that, they do fun things at Uber, I’ve seen an Uber Delorian, Uber Ice Cream Truck, even celebrating National Cat Day and bringing the furry little kittens for some kitty play time.  If you are looking to go to the airport, need a ride after a night out, or like me and want my Mom to ride home comfortably with a professional driver in a nice suit to make sure she gets to the airport all safe and sound, Uber is for you.   If you are in the need for transportation, Uber brings a service to the table that makes sense financially and that’s tough to turn down.

How Can Uber Save Me Money?

Since we are talking about saving money, Uber offers what is called Uber X, which is the better, faster, and cheaper than a taxi.  That is first way they can save you money.  Sooner or later you need transportation, whether it’s a ride to the airport, a safe ride home after a night of going out in your town or new town like San Diego for Fincon 2016, plus don’t worry you can even split up the fare with your new Fincon friends, just another great option Uber offers.  I’m all about saving money, so I want to share my invite code so you can save money as well.

Here is your invite!






7 Responses to “Uber Rides Uber Savings Uber Convenient $15 Free Uber Ride

  • I use Uber all the time with my friends now, and when you split the fare 4 ways it only costs a few dollars each, sometimes as little as $5 each. Can’t be that! Not to mention you don’t have to worry about finding a DD for the night. No complaints from me about the service so far.
    Debt Hater recently posted…Paid Sick LeaveMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Yeah we have had only positive experiences with Uber, really comes in handy in the City especially when you don’t want to be on the train at 2 am dealing with every sort of person the train has to offer.

  • Living out in the ‘burbs plus having two minis, we’re not exactly the ideal clientele for Uber. That being said, I think it is a genius business model. They did an awesome job with it!
    Mrs. Maroon recently posted…Optimizing Debt Repayment and Retirement ContributionsMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Suburbs certainly lowers your usage for transportation, I would recommend it for visiting bigger cities, only of course after you have walked 20 miles site seeing and can barely walk!

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