What Happens at a Mr. Money Mustache Meetup?

Most of you who read personal finance blogs and especially Financial Independence know who Mr. Money Mustache is.  What some of you may not know is MMM has a forum of loyal and interested followers, everything from a Mustachian Book Club to Antimustachian Wall of Shame and Comedy, which may be one of my personal favorites.  I think the forum gives everyone an opportunity to see and hear other Mustachians who are alive and well in the real world.  One of the more interesting topics is the Meetups and Social Events category, this gives others the opportunity to meet up with other Mustachians and have a beer, play some board games, or head out to your local park, but I warn you it involves meeting people in person, Insert Horror Movie Music Here!!!  With Mr. 1500 Days coming into town it gave an opportunity to meet up with a few like minded people and talk Mustache stuff??? Wait what in the Mustache are we going to talk about?  Hi my name is Even Steven and I like to save money, which is then greeted with a standing ovation and pats on the back from those close by……  Which begs the question, what happens at a Mr. Money Mustache meetup?

Let me first start out with things I did not see:

  • Everyone drove to the local pub meetup in Big flashy BMW’s and even larger SUV’s
  • Lobster and Caviar were purchased for this special meetup, because who cares we only live once, oh excuse me YOLO
  • We made sure to buy new expensive clothes to show off to our new Mustachian friends

Now that I got that image out of your head, let’s begin.  While at work I decided to map out how far it was to our meetup, a local bar right next to public transportation, great mustache like move right away.  I considered walking, but 3-4 miles in work dress shoes is a little over my limits, I decided to hit a spot where I could walk a couple miles to enjoy the fresh air and not arrive too early.  I arrived right around 5:45 pm after my little Chicago city walk and began to look around at a couple tables that had small groups of people.  Like any normal person who is meeting up with internet strangers I was a little nervous, plus what do Mustachians even look like?  Do you look for individuals who are wearing thrift store clothes(you can’t tell the difference, I know because that’s what I wear), are they all supposed to have mustaches, should I be looking for people with bike helmets?  I was lucky enough to have met up with Mr. 1500 Days before, so I recognized him and a couple of the “Are you a Mustachian” stares from the group.  They also had some hand made mustache signs in a zip lock on the table, nice work for bringing those.  The answer to what do Mustachians look like?  Like every other person you walk by on the street, although if you look at them in the right light, their eyes twinkle with a mustache, just like in X-Men.

So what’s the demographics?  Big Sausage Fest right, because only dudes think money is cool and only dudes want to retire early.  If that’s what you are thinking, you would be dead WRONG, by the end of the night there was a nice 70/30 split.  After arriving I didn’t waste any time and headed straight for a beverage, Mr. 1500 Days was nice enough to buy me a cold refreshment, he must have been trying to seal the deal on getting the 3 Floyd’s Zombie Dust I had sitting in my fridge at home, good move sir.  My preference in conversations with individuals I do not know is simply to listen and observe, I’m not an introvert, but I prefer to get a feel for who everyone is and what the general conversation is about.

As I was listening and observing more people would come in with the same “please say you are you Mustachian look“, while we discussed a little bit about ourselves and a wide arrange of topics, it was pretty interesting.  Here’s a few conversation topics that came up that I was apart of:

  • What we do for a living, do we have our own blog, etcBig variety with IT, Code/Developer Grant Writer, Engineering, Writers, Former Journalist, Banker, etc
  • How did we find Mr. Money Mustache?
  • What do we do for side hustles?Couple fun ones with a soccer referee on the weekend, published and self published book writer, and my personal favorite cloth delivery diaper business, I don’t think I even mentioned that eBay is my side gig….boring compared to them:)
  • Asset Allocation
  • Contributing to Traditional or Roth IRA
  • Biking to Work

Overall I really enjoyed meeting and talking with everyone that was there, what’s great about a meet up like this is it helps you validate a few things.

  • Not everyone is trying to keep up with the Jones, in fact we don’t want to
  • Talking about personal finance and money is fun
  • Mustachians exist and they are fun, interesting, nice people

In closing don’t be afraid to talk about money with new strangers you meet for first time, it could be a fun little adventure.  You might learn something new, meet an old friend, or find out that my logo really looks like Pitbull and I’m just a taller version of him.  Thanks again for meeting up and I hope to do it again some time.


12 Responses to “What Happens at a Mr. Money Mustache Meetup?

  • Sounds like a great night. Have to agree after reading you blog I don’t picture you as an introvert.

  • Mrs. EvenSteven
    3 years ago

    Lol too funny on the Pitbull similarities! Never even thought of that.

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Let’s hope Pitbull doesn’t sue us!!!!!!!

  • Sounds like a great experience and a great night. Meeting like-minded people and have discussions is always fun.

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Yeah it was fun, I don’t get to do that very often. Most people think I’m crazy and obsessive for talking about money and personal finance as much as I do.

  • I definitely want to do one of these in NYC! I should check out the forum. Thanks.
    Fervent Finance recently posted…Anything is NegotiableMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Yeah get you in the mix of sharing in person it’s fun and nobody really knows who you are which makes it more exciting.

  • I hope that they have a meet up in Minnesota. It would be great. I would likely drive to it though.
    No Nonsense Landlord recently posted…Tenant Deposits, How to Reduce RiskMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Yeah living in Chicago if anyone drove to it I would be surprised, but you never know.

  • Sounds like a very chilled get-together! Are you still hitting these up, must say MMM was one of the first bloggers I read back in the day 😉

    • EvenStevenMoney
      1 year ago

      Yeah I went to one over the summer on the Lakeshore in Chicago. It’s pretty tough to meet up with people who want to talk money, frugality, and independence so it was nice to chat for sure.

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