Winter Days Slow Me Down

For many of us across the U.S. we have experienced a cold front over the past week, for example when I wake up to walk my dog, I have been faced with temperatures in the 10-15 degree range.  While I’m used to cold since I live in Chicago and grew up in the Midwest, it certainly made me realize how your life changes when the weather does, in fact it slows me down a little.

The actual day itself does not change much, I have to put on a jacket instead of a t-shirt to walk the dog, but I still walk the dog the same amount.  I grab a sweater more often to go to work, but it still takes the same time to grab the sweater instead of the dress shirt.  Getting to work and coming home take the same amount of time, I still try to walk from the train station, when most people stand waiting for a bus to take them home to avoid the cold.  I don’t have to stay longer at work, it’s still the same 8 hours a day.  I am however less likely to take a walk around the city, mostly because I prefer not having snot run down my face after a 15 minute walk, i joke but it’s true.  It’s tougher to wake up in the dark with streetlights on and come home with the same waiting for you.  Since I talk to my dog like a crazy person, I let her know that she should be thankful that I walk her in rain, snow, cold, sun, or shine as I’m usually one of very few walking my dog in the park.  I’d like to think she knows.

What happens after the long walk and making a little dinner is what sometimes makes me feel winter is here to slow me down.  My day is basically over, I’m no longer cooking steaks on the grill waiting on the patio for Mrs. Even Steven to come home, instead I’m clinging to the stove hoping for some extra warmth from my ever rising gas bill.*  After this my day almost comes to a close with the exception of an occasional TV show or watching my favorite college basketball team.  I’m not going to go outside because it’s dark and it’s too cold.  Yes, I sound like an old man yelling because someone walked on his grass, but this time of year get’s a little slow for me.  The great news is my wife is now studying for her CPA, this will allow me to dedicate the same amount of time while she is studying to the blog or in the case of last night catching up on one of my favorite TV shows, while I wonder what’s going on in the sports world.

Surprisingly writing this has brought me into better spirits, who knows maybe it will warm up and we will get out and enjoy the day.  I think I may have slipped a little for a week, but I’m doing my best to not slow down and enjoy life because after all that’s what we should all do, enjoy life and smile that we are all included.

*Please stop sending me mail that says that my home is not the most efficient on the block or that compared to other homes that you have selected they are also saving the money and the world.  I don’t care.  My home was built in 1912, not long after the Chicago Cubs had one the World Series, we have 3 units to heat and I’m guessing that doesn’t help the situation.  Mostly though, I don’t care and I despise your company, if I told of the experiences with this company, I’m pretty sure everyone would think it’s PopCopy from the Chappelle Show.

Does winter ever slow you down?  Cold weather and Early Sunsets get the best of you?  What’s your best recipe to keep, keeping on?

12 Responses to “Winter Days Slow Me Down

  • I’m not a fan of the cold. But the worst part of winter to me is the lack of sunshine. It’s so difficult to drag myself out of bed when it’s dark. Crying baby dies help there though 😉 And no sun in the evening. It gets depressing to me. Who wants to spend all of the daylight hours giving your time and effort to someone else at work? Things that do help… Watching a fire. Good conversation with Mr. Maroon. Nice glass of wine. It does give us more of a chance to spend quality time together. So in reality, not so bad at all!
    Mrs. Maroon recently posted…October 2014 UpdateMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Quality time is great. Yeah the darkness and cold got to me this week, just trying to keep at it with the end in mind.

  • I’ve gotta say that I haven’t enjoyed this cold in November. Feels like it should in January when I wake up and it’s only in the teens. And now it looks like it may be in the 50s and maybe even back into the 60s on Monday for me. I know I move slower in the cold not wanting to get out of bed and then driving home and it’s already dark.

    Love that PopCopy skit by the way, had to watch it again!
    Debt Hater recently posted…Private Student Loans Refinanced – AgainMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      I love some good Chappelle Show skits, makes me laugh every time. I saw glimpses of getting warmer at least that will give me the chance to get outside a little taste the sunlight and get a few things done, happy face is on!

  • I get what you mean! The cold front has kept me from my walk these past two days. It’s making me antsy and less productive. I think I need to either buy some warmer clothing or get a gym membership.

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Yeah grab some snow pants for the walk, that’s basically what I do, it also helps to have a dog who loves to go outside, dog might be cheaper than a gym membership;)

  • Weather like that definitely slows me down too, although I don’t think it ever gets quite that cold here in Melbourne compared with Chicago. The main thing is that you just keep on making progress Even Steven – as long as the slowing down doesn’t become a complete halt, then a backwards slide, then you’re doing great!

    I try to keep my attention on things like exercising, reading some good books, nice warm, hearty dinners with family and friends, and perhaps planning the next holiday – or even better, getting away to somewhere warmer.
    Jason @ Islands of Investing recently posted…Become a ‘Value Trap’ escape artistMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Basically you are telling me to get my $*** together! I couldn’t agree more, I think everything hit me a little quick and I wasn’t prepared, so as I heard on the Dave Ramsey show the other day, I need to get my poop in a group.

  • Yeah, winters are tough. I live in Portland, so it’s relatively mild but the constant grey and rain get me down. I try to relax, go for a walk even though it’s gross, and realize that all the rain brings all the greenery.
    Melanie @ My Alternate Life recently posted…Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Minimalist FriendsMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      There is the positive spin I love to hear, it’s not raining it’s just making everything green outside, love it!

  • In a way, I do feel like winter slows me down. I’m always so surprised that it’s dark by 5! Because I work from home, I try not to let it affect me. I just keep working through the evening, and I try to enjoy the sunlight while it’s out. I am thankful for that, as I hate waking up to the cold and having to go outside!
    Erin @ Journey to Saving recently posted…Being Grateful: Fiftieth EditionMy Profile

    • EvenStevenMoney
      3 years ago

      Sometimes you look outside when you are working and are like what it’s 8 pm already, oh that’s right its 4:30 pm and the darkness of winter is upon us. Nice little sunlight at home during the day, I can see that helping out.

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